CokeSocialMediaSEOKnowingly or unknowingly, you would have liked Coke in social media portal like Facebook (FB) or followed on twitter. Coca-cola is the biggest brand in social media and ruling dominantly the vast magnitude of social media.

It is the matter of high surprise and inspiration that how Coke has expanded its brand to multi-million Facebook users.

In an interview, Wendy Clark, SVP of Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities at Coca-Cola (KO) has shared her insights about making of a giant social brand in social media world.


Share Something Sharable
In a world, where people come to seek something new and interesting, it is a brand’s responsibility to come up with interesting contents, which can suffice the thrust of reading or watching interesting stuffs over social media.

In this way, coke prefers to develop its social media contents while keeping two kind of audience in its mind.

The first kind relates to existing 59 million Facebook Fans and 672827 Twitter fans. For Coca-Cola, its fans are not in just confines of these numbers.

It takes responsibility of developing share-worthy contents to enable our fans to share further.


Listen Your Consumers
Gone are the days, when it was enough to say, “We will get back to you on this issue”. Now, social brands are focusing on listening customer’s voice.

Coca-Cola has taken a step forward to give human interaction to this large number of fans.

When a coke’s fans raise a question, post something on its pages, and share their first coke experience, Coke people comes out to interact actively.

It is probably the groundbreaking reason that backed this soft-drink provider in its social media campaign.


Be Consistently Frequent Player
Coke is probably the biggest consumer brand over Facebook.

It has been following a special strategy to become the number one. This multinational conglomerate believes in visualizing a big dream, taking a little step, and walking fast towards the goal.

You as social media brand need to be frequent in your posts. However, your posts should be of high-standards.

The initiation can be sort of small one but the speed of progress should certainly be high.

The high-speed projection of customer driven activities at Facebook has helped Coke in registering a feat in social media branding industry.


Social Media Is Not Everything but Comes Right before Everything Else
Coke has created history in social media. However, social media is not everything but it comes before everything.

Coke creates the every bit of its content be it the bottle covers, TV advertisement, and social media presentations, and sponsored campaigns with keeping the social element in the core of promotional content.


Content Is the New Currency, Spend Carefully
Since people have stepped their feet in publisher’s shoes, the content value has went in deflation mode.

Social media users are posting millions of bytes over web with every passing second of time.

Therefore, you should create and post your content carefully. Coca-Cola has embodied the fact word-by-word and emphasize on creation of highly interesting & shareable content for its social media profiles.


Let Your Fans Create Contents
It is relatively a new trend in social media wires.

Coca-Cola prefers to let its so-called fans and followers to share their love for coke at our social media pages.

The company fan page appreciates social media users to share their experiences with Coca-Cola.

However, it still keeps a lenient eye on the quality of the content. Technically, Coca-Cola creates 10-20% of contents and 80% of total social media content comes from its social media fans & followers.


Channelize Your Stories & Find the Orators
Considering the impact of storytelling, Coca-Cola is introducing a new trend in social media branding.

It conveys updates like winter nights stories and appreciates the orators to channelize its stories further.

It is a newest trend in social media. Social media fans love to share the shareable contents within their peer circles, especially when it comes from a page like Coca-Cola.

Therefore, it has helped the soft-drink giant in registering a remarkable sign in social media universe.

You can also take insights after reading the golden strategy that turned Coca-cola in a biggest consumer brand over social media to increase the ladders of social media success.
Author bio – Nick Carter is a freelance writer who is associated with wordpress development company. This is the most prominent IT hub & also provide the service for hire wordpress developers for open source solutions.


Author bio – Nick Carter is a freelance writer who is associated with wordpress development company. This is the most prominent IT hub & also provide the service for hire wordpress developers for open source solutions.



twitterfollowersGetting a whole bunch of new followers in a short space of time is no easy task. If the answer were simply lying around online then the whole world would be using it right now.

So, before you read on you should really temper your expectations as to what you’re going to gain from this article, as we do not promise you the world and all its gold as other articles may do.

This article offers you ways of increasing your Twitter followers by means that are possible to implement instantly. This article does not offer advice that will take you months of work for very little return.


Pay for followers

The shortest way to a destination is a straight line, so consider paying for your followers. It is the most efficient way to increase your followers in a short space of time.



Advertising works and will get you a lot of followers in a short space of time. All you need to do is advertise your profile of things in it. This is a way in which you can increase the number of your follows in the short space of time.

The only downside is that some you will only increase followers to through the duration of the advertising campaign. It is still however of a fast means of getting new followers.


Hire writers

One way of getting more followers is to hire a team of writers and have them write your Twitter posts for you. A better idea however is to have them all make their own twitter profiles and gain followers over a period of time.

All they then need to do is direct them onto your Twitter profile. Your staff needs to simply write about how great your Twitter profile is and how great your most current posts are, and their followers will move over to your Twitter profile and follow you instead.


Tell lots of lies

If you tell lots of lies then you will gain some attention from the people who think you’re being sincere.

If your lies are grandiose enough then they may gain the attention of other people who are interested in finding out if what you’re saying is true or not.  You will also gain the attention of the friends of the people who start following you.

You will gain the attention of your current followers friends, which is especially true if they use some means of sharing the things you say, such as via the Re-Tweet function.


Preview your tweets on other social media and kick up a big fuss about them

You can do this by being controversial. You can claim that your newest Tweet is going to rock the world with its content, and you can preview a bit of it on other social media to show people how ground shaking it is.

Whatever method you choose is up to you, just so long as you kick up a fuss about your Tweet on your other social media sites. It is up to you to gain as much attention for the Twitter posting as possible.

The more fuss you kick up then the more likely that people are going to go and look at it.


Actively promote your efforts

Be shameless if you have to be. Spend a full day promoting your Tweets and Twitter profile.

There is nothing more powerful than simply concentrating your energy on one single task. Spend the entire day on Twitter getting to know people and convincing them to join you.

Go to online forums and brag about your twitter posting and encourage people to go and have a look at it.

Submit comments about your Twitter profile on the comment section of articles and blog posts. Give out your Twitter handle and tell people to come and have a look at you.

Concentrated and ruthless self-promotion online is free and the more you do it then the better you get at it. You will find that you discover the best places to brag about your Twitter profile.

You will find good places to spread your message, where the other users are responsive and supportive (if you are lucky). You will also learn new things to say to people to get them to look at your Twitter profile.


Learn what to say

Taking the reins from the previous paragraph, you will soon discover that the more you self promote yourself, the better you will become at it.

Imagine you are a sales person in a shop and every day you learn something new about how to sell your products, after a few years you would be an expert. The same happens online when you self promote yourself.

You soon discover the things that you can say in forums, and on comment sections, and on other social media–that will get you the attention you crave. You soon learn what signals to look for in others and you come up with replies for questions you have already heard in the past.

You discover that you come up with a whole catalog of potential responses for potential questions and comments; so that you can fire them off as-and-when you need them.


Author bio: Korah Morrison, writer on essay writing services that help students to write essays, course works and . She writes about seo, blogging, social media, internet marketing and other tips.



Twitter is becoming an increasing important source for traffic for many websites. I get around 10 percent of my traffic from Twitter. Maybe you are showing how many followers you have on your website – but why not show a picture of all your followers? And why not make it dynamic because a lot of people will unfollow you every day and new people will start to follow you.

FacebookAddictThe most remarkable development through the last decade is considered to be different social media networking platforms as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Google+1.

Among the list of concerns in the life of modern man are how to get Twitter followers or get Facebook fans. These are vital issues today.

These platforms meant for individuals, groups and communities with common interests to stay more “connected” and share mutual interests.

Actually, social media platforms have entered lives of all people and hardly anyone can imagine their life without them. And, yes, the thing is that social media very often appear to be quite useful.

They help us to stay connected; they help to get and spread new information more easily, faster and usefully, stay in touch with people we like, and so on. There are many pluses and it is difficult to innumerate all of them. But along with so many advantages there also exist a series of disadvantages which all the users should be aware of and try to avoid.


Today I want to focus my attention on the most “important” minus of social media and it is “addiction”.

Let us see. Internet addiction and particularly social media addiction are recognized by psychologists as psychological disorders. There have been and still are being carried out a number of studies referring to the expansion of Internet addiction. It is mainly observed among the users of social media networking platforms, especially Facebook. The reason for addiction is that users do not want to miss anything on their account or page, be it a status update, post, tweet, a photo or video. According to survey more than 350 users are suffering from Facebook addiction and this number is increasing. Here are some signs of social media addiction.

  • If you continually check your Facebook or Twitter updates regardless of time and place. You do not enjoy your time and spend it upgrading your statuses and tweeting about every little thing happening to you and around you. Be sure you are addicted.
  • If you feel anxious and discomfort when you are not online, it also signals out that you are addicted. Many addicted people have a feeling of loneliness and depression. If you feel the same you had better find an Internet rehab center.
  • Another symptom of addiction is the list of your friends. If you do not know most of your friends but add them to create an impression that you are well connected and have many acquaintances, then you are addicted.


Roman Sahakov is the founder and CEO of Frozzo, marketer, father, husband and great personality. Being an enthusiast and explorer in Social Media Marketing he lives and runs his company in London. He explores the world of Social Media Marketing and shares his new ideas and knowledge with the world.





twitterWell I will tell you about a strategy that works. A strategy that will give you traffic.

This is all about how to get Twitter followers and targeted traffic from Twitter.

It’s no good just to have a Twitter account and maybe post something from time to time. You will need this – A Twitter Strategy.

Okay …. I will stop writing about what I am going to write about … and get to the point…. Are you ready? Okay here we go…


First of all.. Why do you need Twitter?

First of all it can give you maybe the largest referral traffic source.

Your competitors – I am sure – are already using it. So if you are not using it you are behind already.

But it can also potentially help you to get higher ranking in Google and Bing for the regular organic searches – yes its true 🙂


First thing first… How to get followers

You will need to get not only traffic – but you also need to get the right kind of traffic. Relevant traffic.

The best way to get followers is to follow the same kind of people. So type in your keywords and check out the people and start to follow them.

Take another keyword and do the same again.

After you have done this with some of your interest and keywords – check out your competitors. Who do they follow? Then start to follow your competitors followers too.

Very easy right?


But but but but ….

There’s always a but – lol. The maximum amount of followers you can follow is 2000.When you get to 2000. You will have to wait until your followers also reaches 2000.

After that you can get 10 percent higher . That’s it 2200 – and then wait again until your followers reach 2200.

There is no limit of maximum number of Twitter followers, who can follow you.

So when you reach 2000 you will have to unfollow the people that don’t follow you back !! This way you get the relevant traffic.


So here is a working plan for you

One of the most important things in the Twitter strategy is to do it the professional way. So… The first week you will add about 300-400 every day. But in the weekend you will remove those people that don’t follow you back.

Just to add people is easy – but it’s important you remove the people that don’t follow you back.

There are some tools you can use – check out TweetAdder. With this program you can use to unfollow, but you can also use to schedule your tweets, search for potential followers and a lot more. Try it 🙂


Next step in your Twitter strategy is to get more accounts

This way you can get 5 times as many followers then just with one account. So do it.

If you are selling used cars – you can have an account about used cars, one about cars, one about ford cars, one about Toyota etc..

Now its time to tweet

If you have been on Twitter you know the problem – how to get noticed. There are so so so many tweets out there right?

Okay a good strategy is to tweet in blocks. So every time you are going to tweet make 4 tweets. Your first 3 tweets can be quotes from experts, ideas, news – but in the last of the 4 tweets you make a link to your own blog.

Because its the last one – its the one that people will see first.

Do yourself a favour – dont just do a tweet – have a twitter strategy – and you will get your traffic.