facebook like buttonIn February 2012 Facebook had more than 845 million active users.

The users have to register before using Facebook, and then create a personal profile, add other users as friends, exchange messages, and including automatic notification when they update their profile.

845 million active users … amazing right.

The world’s population today is 7 billion people. So over 10 percent of the people in the world are active Facebook users… Wow. And this is why you have to be on Facebook. Also if you have a company. But to be successful on Facebook you have to get some likes. So people can read about you or your company.

Are you ready for this list about how you can get likes for your Facebook?


1 Post a Status Update

Post an update where you are mentioning your Facebook page. Post the update on other social sites, websites, blogs. Tell people to join you on Facebook.


2 Get fans to upload and tag photos

Make or attend an event where some of your fans also attends. Get the people to upload their pictures to your Facebook page, and/or tag the pictures. Then it will show up on their walls, and will lead to more traffic from your fan friends.


3 Offer an incentive for people to sign up

Make a dynamic Facebook landing page using a reveal tab. This way it will only show for fans of your page. It’s important that the incentive is valuable to your fans. This could be a white paper/PDF, a gift, discount to your shop.


4 Use Interactive YouTube Annotations to Drive Likes

You can use to add link overlays to your YouTube videos. So you can link out to external sites like your Facebook Page.
I haven’t made any video yet. But I am thinking about it 🙂


5 Facebook groups

Join groups related to your subject and make sure you can post update in the group. Pages send updates, but groups send messages directly to a users Facebook Inbox, triggering an email alert.


6 Join your page via SMS

You can send a text messages to 32665 (Facebook) saying ”fan yourusername” or ”like yourusername” (without the quotes).


7 Encourage Likes in Your Employee’s E-mail Signatures

How many emails do you and your employees sending out every day? This is an easy and quick way to send out links to your Facebook page. Try to go to your send box in your email account. How many emails did you send out last year?

I am using for my emails.


8 Install a ”Like Box” into your website

If you install a like box on your website – your visitors can become fans without leaving your website.


9 Suggest your page to friends

Remember to use ”suggest to friends” feature of your Facebook page. It can be a little annoying – so don’t use it too much.


10 Install a like page button on your website

With a like button people can post your website page on their activity stream. This will make you visible to the friends of the visitors that have visited your site.


11 Connect your page to Twitter

Post to your Twitter followers about your Facebook page, so you can convert your twitter followers into Facebook fans.

You can connect your Facebook status to your twitter account. So every time you make a twitter update, it will send the update to all your Twitter fans too. Remember to have a link back to your Facebook page.



12 QR codes

Use QR codes in the real world. Put QR codes with your products and make the people like it. When you are making an old fashion ad – show a QR code directly to your Facebook page – so it will be easy to like it.


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