Infographic for Social Media

Did you know that 12 percent of all people in the world has a Facebook account?

How To Get Likes On Facebook

In February 2012 Facebook had more than 845 million active users. The users have to register before using Facebook, and then create a personal profile, add other users as friends, exchange messages, and including automatic notification when they update their profile. 845 million active users … amazing right.

7 reasons for social media or …

... what to tell your boss. Perhaps you know the situation? You want your company to use facebook or twitter, but the CEO or marketing manager thinks that social media is a waste of time.

Check-in and get high?

Do you think its an invitation for a party? Oh no. Google has just confirmed a brand new Panda update. Google announcing 40 search updates. So a lot of things are going on at Google. The lastest Panda update is making the search ranking more accurate and sensitive to recent changes on the web. So its still great with fresh content. It was the same with the Panda 3.2 update. I hope you all make people comment on your pages – right?

Get inspired – 20 best social media campaignes

Sometimes its great to get inspired. So take a look of these 20 best ever succesfull social media campaignes. Let me here if you like them. And let me hear if you have made some great campaignes too. Give me a comment and show me you are alive.

Know a Donut and Know Everything about Social Media

Yes its true. I will tell you everything about Social Media with a donut :) Just take a look at this picture .. I will tell you about the difference between all theses social media - Twitter, Facebook, Foursqure, Instagrain, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Last FM and Google+

How to Do Facebook SEO

People have asked me about Facebook. Almost every company has a Facebook page theses days. But how do you best use it for marketing? Well here is some guidelines for you all. Use them and it will work for you.