mailIf you read my article about “How To Get 10.000 Visitors To Your Website Or Blog” you know that its important to get your email letter started.


So now you gotta know something about emails. Your email must have one or two desired actions. Maybe its to click on a link to get to your website, or maybe its a retweet button.

Here in this article I am going to tell you something about

  1. How to get the email opened
  2. How to get your email read
  3. How to get the desired action

So are you ready? Go and get your coffee and put your favorite music on.


Getting the email opened

I have found 2 reasons why a recipient wanna open your email.

  1. If they know you already and they know that they will get some value using their time. Your email will be opened.
  2. Or if your subject line is so exciting and so compelling that they just can’t help opening it to listen to what you have to say. (OMG when I am going to make a email about this article I am going to work hard on the subject)

There is no magic formula, what you are going to write in the subject, but there is a methodology that you can use to test your subject lines before sending your email:

1 make a list of all the subjects which your reader may be thinking already. It could be aobut the economy, if he or she is completely stressed, maybe worried about how he is keeping his job.. and so on
2 Now you are going to write some positive and negative subject lines about it. So you can address what’s already on your readers mind.
3 Now speak out loud the subject line. Does it work you think?

Hopefully it will strikes a emotional chord like envy, greed, lust, fear, curiosity… If your reader doesn’t even open your mail .. well you will not get any desire action from him right?


How to get it read

Now the reader has hopefully opened your mail. So now the question is …. should you make the email long or short? Maybe the whole article or just a teaser.

I have found some different examples.

  1. Informational or How-To email. When you are writing informational or How-To related emails, I have found that you should keep it to about 500-700 words in length and include the entire article in your email.
  2. Offer emails. If you are offering something. Like I did when wrote about the free Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011, you should keep it short. Like a teaser. The click should lead the reader directly to a longer sales page (landingpage).
  3. News updates. This could be a summery of what has happened on your blog or website the past week. Make sure your first text address the topic from your subject line.


How to get the desired action – Increasing Email Click Rates

Whatever you wanna tell in your email you gotta have a call to action. So let me tell use the 3 examples again.

  1. Informational or How-To emails. Here you are going to tell your reader something helpful, maybe a tip, trick or idea, suggestion or how-to something. You would like the reader to spread the word, so remember to include social link tags in your mail (I do that too.. please spread the word). Encourage your reader to Re-tweet your email, use Like or bookmark.
  2. Offer emails. Keep it short. Lure them to your landingpage, where you can show them more items. Don’t try to sell anything in your mail. Make them curious and sale whatever you are selling on your landingpage.
  3. News updates. Again you wanna tell your reader to go to your website or blog and read the whole article or articles. So keep it short and make it impossible for your readers not to hit the links to your website or blog.

Remember that more and more people are now using mobil devices. So be sure your website or blog can be read on a smart-phone. If you are using WordPress for your blog you can get a free plugin for this.


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alfaYou have a blog or a website and now you are thinking of starting making a newsletter. But what do you do?


Newsletters are old school ?

So you might be thinking that making a newsletter is old school. But think again.

  1. It complements your Web site like a cup for your coffee. The coffee is not good without the cup right?
  2. Email newsletters are more cost-effective than print newsletters. I don’t have to say anything about this. We all low something that is free or almost free. Of course we do 🙂 If you print a newsletter you have costs for printing and then for mailing them.
  3. E-newsletters are interactive so you will of course send a link to your website. So you will get experience about the opening click rate and with the link click rate in the mail. So lets say that you have 100 people in your database. Maybe 50 percent will open the mail. And maybe half of the people that open the mail will click the link inside of it – right? Well then you will get 25 people on your website. Well what if you build up a database with 40.000 people than 10.000 people will click to your website. (That’s not old school – that’s a lot of clicks).
  4. You can test its effectiveness. Which headlines are working. Is it better to show pictures – and which pictures. In most email programs  you can do A/B tests.
  5. E-newsletters encourage word-of-mouth advertising. It’s easy to forward a newsletter. So your friends can tell other friends about your amazing article 🙂
  6. You subscribers love you. Your best customers are the ones that sign up for your newsletter. They love your tropic and they love your website so much that they want to hear more. So be sure to send them a mail when you got news for them. Don’t wait so long that they will forget you. And of course don’t send a mail every day or several times a day. Treat them like great customers.
  7. Get started now and you will have your backbone. Don’t wait for something. Start today – Start now. Start building up your email database and you will get your backbone in your marketing.


Now which Email program should you use

The heart in every email newsletter is the database is the software. So take a trip around and search for a great software program.  The reason why I chose Aweber was that ..

  1. I received many emails from experts that I could see was using Aweber
  2. They had great forums with support
  3. It was affordable
  4. When I was searching for auto responder it seems that it was the standard that all the other programs wanted to beat


It’s still new to me but it’s very easy to set up. I think I used 10 minutes from the time I signed up until I could start to collect emails. I was checking out a single video about it.


Why Aweber

Let me admit it – I love my Aweber already (and yes I am still new to the program). Here are some of the reasons why I love it.

  • Tons of Email Templates (remember to make your own – but that’s easy too)
  • Email Blog Updates Automatically
  • Track Who Opens Your Emails
  • Twitter & Facebook Integration
  • Publish Your Emails Online
  • Hundreds Of Sign-up Form Templates
  • Create Awesome Signup Forms
  • Unlimited Subscriber Campaigns (you can make a lot of lists without paying more)
  • Segment To Send Target Emails
  • Immediately Engage Subscribers
  • Track and Improve Performance
  • Set Your Own Delivery Hours
  • Live Support
  • Knowledge Base


I have an affiliate with Aweber. So if you check it out. And check other programs too and you finally want to use Aweber please click my affiliate link here – then I can get some of your link love 🙂

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Wishing you a great day