BrandReputationAnd to get rid of bad customer reviews.

If you check out how you get the most visitors to your website, you will discover that most people are searching for your brand or your company name. And you are properly numbered one when people are searching your name or brand right?

But what will happen if an unsatisfied customer shows up as number 2 in your ranking?

I will tell you what happens. The unsatisfied customer is not the only unsatisfied customer you have – you might have 200 or 500 unsatisfied customers. Let’s say you sell to 100.000 people every year. Then 500 unsatisfied customers are not so many.

This unsatisfied customer has made a blog – telling the world have bad  your company is.

Well the first thing that will happen is that more of unsatisfied customers will discover the blog and they will like the blog, they will link to the blog. And suddenly this unsatisfied customer has a strong number 2 ranking on Google when somebody is searching your brand name.

Even journalists are researching on Google – and they will find this website with bad reviews. Maybe your company will end up in the evening news.

And by the way – this is a true story from a travel agency in Denmark!!

Well – lets stop this from happening.

It’s time for you to own the first page on Google. This way the unsatisfied customer will never rank number 2, he will therefor never get many likes or backlinks and you have saved your business.

So lets take a ride on the brand reputation guide.

Your ultimate goal of this brand reputation is to gain control over the first 7 Google search listings. This way negative reviews from your customer complaints are pushed to the second or even third page of Google.

And why 7?

SeoCustomer on GoogleLook at the image here. I am searching for “SeoCustomer”. Most of the time Google will add some extra links for the first result. So there is only space for 7 websites on the first page. So 7 is your magic number.

I am trying to get rid of SeoMoz because they are ranked number 2 when I search for SeoCustomer.


A website can only have one result in a search

Your website can only have one result in a search on Google. So if your brand is named “Sandberg Delicious” you will properly rank number one with your normal website.

So you will have to sign up for some more websites.

Begin your brand reputation by signing up for a Facebook and a Twitter account – and remember to include your brand or company name. These social media will surely be high ranking in Google listings.

But of course it’s not enough to just sign up for accounts. You will have to generate some great content. The accounts who have fresh content and post regularly will rank much better and this way you will get a high position.

So with your website, Facebook and Twitter you will now own the top 3 positions right? So we are not all done yet.


Video, pictures and blogs

You properly have some videos for your homepage – so of course you will make a YouTube or a Vimeo account for your videos. In fact Vimeo often ranks much better than YouTube – believe it or not (and don’t ask me why). This was number 4.

A lot of the time Google will choose to show pictures on the first page too.

So go to Flickr and make an account too. Be sure you have your brand name in the account name – and write some tags for your pictures including your brand name too.

When Google is showing image results on the first page it shows only one picture from each website. Normally Google will show around 5 pictures. So be sure you are using pictures on your blog, website and Twitter accounts. This was number 5.

Number 6 here is starting a blog.

Starting a blog is a great way to get into Google top 10 but it’s a time consuming one.

But remember you have some content from Facebook and Twitter, so use some of the same content on your blog. Your blog will have a different web name then your website. So it will rank separately. And by the way – Google loves WordPress – so use WordPress for your blog.

And you do have a Google+ account for your company too right?

If not get one now. This can also bring you a top 7 position.


You now own the first page on Google. And you will push all the bad reviews to the second page.


All the best to you, Henrik





reviewsSo what is this SEO all about? To get high ranking? To get traffic? No it’s not its all about getting more sales without paying for online or offline advertising.


So I want to tell you how you can get higher ranking and get more sale. Sounds sweet right? The trick is to encourage customer reviews is what it’s all about.


Often the websites are great.

The companies are trying to stand out from the competition. Often they have easy navigation and a great platform, they give good customer service and offer a great range of products. Often the problem is the webshop. The actual product pages.

I see a lot of websites with a standardized product description and only a couple of images. The product is standardized and could be sold in many hundreds of other websites. And because it’s a duplicate content you will have an issue with the search engines. They don’t like duplicate content – and so they don’t like your website. And you you will not get the higher ranking you deserve.

So as we know – content is king right? So first make some high-quality, unique content for your products. This will be the backbone of your SEO campaign. One way to create high-quality content is to encourage customer reviews on your products. This will not only boost your SEO rating – it will also boost your sale.

Reports from shows that customer reviews can boost your online sale with an average of 18%. So with customer reviews you will get unique content, higher ranking in SEO, more sale from your existing customers. Sweet right?


You benefits
With this customer reviews you will earn trust and reliability which are very important factor to Google. You will get unique content without spending a lot of time and money making it.

But there are much more benefits. The customers will share the information with their friends on Facebook, twitter, Google+ and other social media sites. So remember to have a lot of visible share buttons.

According to reports from Hitwise (an online retailer) each of their Facebook fan is worth 20 additional visits over the course of a year. So remember to make sure your Facebook like/fan is visible. So use Facebook in your marketing strategy.

We all know that our friends on Facebook – are very much like ourselves. So if we like a product its very possible that our friends will like it too. You get my point right?


How to encourage customers’ reviews?

Customers like incentives. So a good way to encourage customers is to offer a discount or maybe a special offer coupon that they can use next time they are shopping on your site. You can also give the 5 percent discount (but we want SEO without paying for the add right?). You can also do free shipping.

Another way to get your customers’ reviews is to do like Amazon and others. A week after the purchase (they must have received the product before you can ask them) you got to send them an autoresponder (email) where they can click and quickly give you a feedback that will show up on the product webpage.

Ask people to leave a constructive feedback to you about your product. If the review is bad but constructive, you can respond to the bad review and change the bold experiment to a better one. If somebody tells you that your red product wasn’t red at all. You can write back – saying that you have now been in contact with your supplier to make sure it’s red from now on.

You will have control over the reviews – and no – if the comment is factually incorrect, harmful or defamatory you should not publish theses reviews. You can write on your page that those kind of comments will not be published.


The conclusion

Remember to take your actual product pages seriously. Write a unique content about the products and let people help you make them unique. This will help you to boost your sale and boost your ranking.


Okay time for some coffee now… Take care out there…