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ContentMarketingSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) and its cousin Search Engine Marketing (SEM) took the business world by storm a few years ago. The importance of a significant social media presence was felt by every brand, big and small.

This, of course, was directly due to the aim of companies the world over to try and capitalize on growing and innovative marketing trends.

In a bid to stay connected with potential targets and existing customers, a host of related digital marketing services became the number one priority.

However, in this constantly changing time of new technology, innovative marketing trends and stiff competition, it was natural for content marketing to emerge.

When it comes to the advantages of one over the other, content marketing offers several greater benefits over stand-alone SEO. For instance:


Content Marketing is for Readers

Content marketing offers relevant information that may help potential and existing clients better understand a product or service.

Unlike SEO marketing, in which keywords are the primary foundation used to create content, content marketing by and large focuses on creating relevant and impactful content for the benefit of users.


It’s about Quality, not Quantity

SEO largely referred to the quantity of ads or short articles a marketer could put up online.

The more the better was the initial norm. On the other hand, Content Marketing is largely focused on offering quality content material to users and interested readers.

If, for instance, a company selling beauty products starts writing regular content based on beauty tips, it would initiate greater interest amongst users, even if the posts are fewer.


SEO, by itself, Cannot Retain Customers in the Long term

The primary goal of any marketer is to increase sales and retain customers.

SEO marketing, by itself, cannot assure that. But a focus on content marketing can help marketers engage clients for a longer period of time.

The key here involves garnering the interest of clients by creating client specific content and not marketing content all the time.


Content Marketing Increases Brand Value

SEO marketing may help brands increase their online presence but it takes effective content marketing to increase the value of a brand and its overall online image.

That’s because effective and customized content as per the actual readership requirement of target audiences is the key to increased brand value.



Written by Webmarketing123 – Webmarketing123 is a California based seo company that offers global internet marketing services such as SEO, PPC and SMM.

Blog2Creating a successful blog requires writing new posts on a consistent basis. On top of that, the posts have to be interesting, unique, and compelling. You can’t just phone it in and expect it to land with your customers.

Yet constantly coming up with ideas for new posts that meet all those criteria can be a challenge. You can fall prey to writer’s block or to simple routine. Finding ways to stay inspired is essential to helping you keep your blog interesting and to make it successful.

When you’re feeling stuck in a rut with your blogging routine, here are a few tips to help you feel inspired to write the best articles you can every day:


Read Blogs You Love

Reading other blogs that we love and admire can be just the trick to remind us why we started blogging in the first place. It can also help us to see issues in a new light and to find inspiration for new content.

Maybe a blogger you like suggests a provocative change of policy. You might write a rebuttal. Or maybe a blogger you like will write a post that teaches you something new. You may now have a whole new area of discussion to explore.

You never know what others may inspire you to write. Make it a habit to read your favorite bloggers — or writers — every day.


Carry a Notebook

You never know when inspiration will strike. Carry a notebook to make sure you’re ready when it does.

Keep a notebook to jot down ideas for posts, bits of information you want to explore, a few lines that you want to include in a post, or any other information that occurs to you that you might be able to use on your blog later.

Whenever you are short on ideas, you can refer to the notebook for inspiration.


Take Breaks

Sometimes even the things you love can start to seem like work when you do them all the time or when you feel pressured to complete them in order to meet a goal.

When you reach this place with your blogging, it might be time to take a break in order to recharge and remind yourself why you love blogging.

Your break does not have to be a long one.

You can take a day off or even a week.

You can put your blog on pause during that time, or you can fill it with guest posts while you are gone.

Taking the time off can help you to get a fresh perspective and to come back to your blogging with new energy and new passion.


Do Other Things You Love

A break doesn’t always have to be a literal one. Sometimes, you just need a mental break.

Step away from your computer and spend some time doing something else you love to do, such as read a book, see a movie, or exercise with a friend.

Doing other things you enjoy will re-energize you and help you to reset your focus.

You may find that the change of mental scenery inspires you, or it may just give you the energy you need to return to you work and to brainstorm new ideas.

Blogging can be hard work.

The daily grind of it can start to be tedious and rob you of your inspiration.

When you are feeling like you just don’t have any new ideas or anymore energy to find them, try a few of these tips to get inspired and to try again.

How do you stay inspired to write the best blog posts every day? Share your tips for success in the comments!


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I just made this Infographic to give you all a step by step guide how to rock your website. You are all welcome to put this Infographic on your site as long as you link back to – I love to get backlinks too.

All the best to you.



How to Rock your site

WordArtA Needle in a Haystack?

In the modern world, marketing yourself online is vital. Research shows that when someone who has access to the internet needs something, they search for it on the web. The percentage that does so depends on the product, but it is roughly between 70 per cent and 95 per cent.

Sadly, if you are a company or sole trader with an online presence, you are one of hundreds or, in some cases, thousands of firms trying to be found online. The only way to ensure you are the one people find is to get your SEO strategy right. Given that over 66 per cent of all searches in the English language are carried out using Google, your SEO strategy needs to be Google friendly.


Beating the Google Algorithm 

The problem is that Google is constantly moving the goal posts. They are continuously tweaking the algorithms they use to determine which website has the information searchers are looking for. This means that an SEO strategy that is Google friendly today may stop working tomorrow.

The best tip is to seek professional help. A Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) specialist has a much better understanding of what works now than you could ever have.

However, if you are on a tight budget, you may not have any choice but to do your own SEO. Luckily, there are still strategies you can use that have worked for years and are not likely to stop working in the future. There have always been certain things Google have rewarded.

Content is King

Google really does reward good content. Make sure that your website contains information that will really help your customers.

Try to turn your website into an authority site. Sites with plenty of pages relating to a subject automatically look important to Google.

However, be careful not to duplicate pages on your site. Google penalizes sites which have duplicated content on them.


Keep Your Site Fresh

Refresh your information regularly. Doing this ensures your site is up to date and gives Google’s bots new information to find.

Add video and images to your site. Google likes to see a balance between text and other information on websites. Make sure you label videos and images using relevant keywords to get the most out of them.


The Role of Keywords

The phrases you use on your website are what tell Google’s bots what your site is about. You need to sprinkle each page of your website with relevant phrases known as keywords.

However, use them carefully – too many on one page and Google will penalize you. Put your main keyword in your page title, first paragraph and last paragraph. That is enough for a 300-400 word page. For every additional 125-150 words, add another occurrence of that keyword.

The more pages you have on your website, the more keywords or phrases you can target without Google slapping your site down.


Linking Internally & Externally

Last, but not least, are links. Link the pages on your site to each other properly. Google likes it and people will stay on your site longer if it is easy to navigate. Get other people to link to your website.

However, when it comes to backlink quality is far, far more important than quantity. The likes from Facebook, Google+ links and other social links are very powerful, so target them.


About The Author – Amy Harris is a writer for Expert Market- which offers a free service to businesses, providing a sourcing tool for finding office equipment and business services (such as cheap post in the UK). She enjoys helping assist businesses in sourcing products and services at an affordable rate.


StepsSEOThe optimization of our website is the easiest part to learn SEO. But despite being easy, sometimes we get it wrong. Also easy does not mean at all that it will be easy.

Let’s see a list of tasks when analyzing the optimization of our website:


Step 1. Right choice of keywords

All SEO process begins with the choice of keywords; we must bear in mind that a poor choice of keywords can lead to months of work completely useless. You have to check if the selected keywords are feasible and if we’re getting performance should position them.

  • Relevance: There are terms that are more related to our business than others, it is important to prioritize the most related to our business.
  • Importance: There are terms that link to products or services much more important than others in the face of sales, we must be clear that the terms we have prioritized are most important.
  • Conversion: Of all the terms, we will be more on influencing the action of purchase by the customer.
  • Search Volume: It’s obviously an important factor, but we must always take into account the difficulty of positioning the word, his is finding the proper relationship between ease of positioning and volume.


Step 2. Ensure that the keyword and page fit.

Once we have reviewed our terms have value, you have to look reaction between these terms and the content of our website. They have to fit perfectly.

The normal thing is to create a page for each keyword attack, but among all pages must be a link.


Step 3: Integrate the keywords in the content 

Content at first should be written directly by an expert of the company, then you can pass review by a specialist writer or SEO copywriting, to integrate it with the keywords you will attack that page. In doing so the process is the best way to integrate keywords naturally.

After entering the text, we should analyze the following factors:

  • Using Keywords: Ensure that occur naturally and there is an appropriate balance should not spend 6% of the content.
  • Headers: Must be informative and related anchors not keywords, if keywords naturally fit then go ahead.
  • Title page: The title has to have mandatory keywords, including a logical statement.
  • Meta Tag Description: The contents of this tag appear in the Google search results, it is important in order to attract visitors to write appropriately in clear our services as attractive as possible.
  • Voice: Whole site must have a common style, we should not have a page-oriented hard sell with lots of text and other news commenting.
  • Active statements: You have to use words to incite the visitor to perform an action such as purchasing a service, “do not let him get away” “unique opportunity, buy now”
  • Attractive images with ALT attributes and title: It is often easier to get in the top results of Google with images. When the search is a product, such as “ceramic mask” the first results are the images of that name and title, so it is important that our images, in addition to attractive, take the title and ALT tag keywords or related content with our image.


Step 4: Revision of the usability of the web

We’re not talking about whether the text is appropriate in this section, but the ease of use and navigation of our website. It is important that all major sectors of our website are very clear and you can navigate between them easily and clearly.

It is important to always type a path or breadcrumb breadcrumbs of our site that make it clear in that section of our website we are.


Step 5: Review SEO

Although it seems a bit late, is the right time, when the text is written and SEO work Reaction created content. It’s time to see if the placement of the keywords is correct and balanced between pages.


Step 6: Approval

Before publishing the page would be advisable to pass it to an expert SEO copywriter to ensure that we have not changed too much the original idea and still retaining the right proportions.

To improve its position in Google we recommend following these guidelines.


Author – This article is written by Tony Dan  from Backlinksvault and Backlinksindexer



PerksDoes your website have winning and engaging content? 

Why is it important to have it? These days it is very crucial for website owners and bloggers to publish useful, insightful, and relevant content in the sites that they manage.

There was a time when repetitive, spammy, and immaterial blogs and articles were passed off as “high quality” content. The recent Google algorithm changes allowed the search engine giant to separate good websites from bad ones.

Good websites are those that offer significant and original content for their readers while bad ones are those that rely on illegal or black-hat optimization techniques for traffic.

Why should you strive to produce engaging web content?


Benefits Of Substantial And Winning Web Content
Why should you bother improving or even completely revising your web content? This task is not meant to make your life difficult as a web developer. It is meant to protect you from search engine optimization effects that new algorithms or systems in the future might have. Here are some perks you can get from excellent web content:


1. Opportunity to get a high page rank
Right now, Google and other search engines are giving credit to substantial and engaging web content. This means that the more original posts you publish, the more chances of getting high traffic and eventually high ranking for your sites.


2. Chance to establish your group’s credibility
Engaging and winning posts and articles in a website help owners build their credibility up in their respective niches. Your target audience will deem you as the authority for that particular niche and consider you as a trustworthy reference.


3. Opportunity to set a new trend
Do you have ideas for new web content? Why don’t you go ahead and produce them? They just might be the next hottest trend in search optimization strategies. You’ll never know unless you try. Don’t stop conceptualizing new content forms or improving your old content.


4. Avoid potential penalties from search engines
This is probably the best benefit you can get. Right now the search engines favor original, credible, and high quality content over futile ones, so it is best to produce them unless you want to run the risk of getting penalized or completely banned from the online world. You don’t want to start all over again now do you?

Do you now comprehend why engaging and winning content is a crucial or vital element of a website? You can’t expect to operate without producing regular, noteworthy, and reliable content that will be appreciated by readers. So start brainstorming for new and remarkable ones right away!


Niña Angeli Pilapil, a bookworm by heart, is an expert in promotional products used for both marketing and personal reasons. She is employed by Branders as their official blogger to write about topics like custom office supplies. This dark chocolate fanatic enjoys her spare time reading books, watching movies, and honing her blogging craft. If you want to connect with her, follow her at



eyeYou only have 3 seconds to show most of the visitors what your site is all about. So if you are loosing the customer when they get to your website – all our great SEO isn’t worth anything right?

So don’t confuse them. Is your website credible and trustworthy? Does it look professional?  The visitor will think of your company the way your website is looking. So how do you want to sell to a customer if your website looks unprofessional.

And the people today have no patience. So if they can’t find the information they are looking for they will Google another website. So when you are doing your design remember that – Don’t let the visitors think. Make it easy for your customers. Use a common sense approach to web usability.

Be serious about your design. Here are some few general guidelines for you.


Guiding the Eye – don’t let the visitors think

Remember your visitors are not interested in your design, colors and so on. They are interested in your information. Your design and colors will help them when they are visiting you. But don’t make it the main thing. The main thing is your information.

Normally the logo is placed on the top left corner. So unless you have a very special design and got a very unique idea, give the people what they want. Let’s say you place it in the lower right corner. Your visitors don’t know who you are, they can’t find the logo (well it will take them 1 min.), they will have to scroll down. And suddenly the visitors have used 1 or 2 min. on the website without concentrating on the information. And remember often 1/3 of the visitors will leave your site if they are confused after 5 or 10 seconds. So unless you have a great plan for it… Don’t let the visitors think.

Think precedence. You should help the visitors’ eyes. Guide them. Use a stop color if you want the people to pay attention to something special. You are in control of the user’s eyes. So be sure what you are doing.

  • Position — if you want the visitors to see something place it on the upper part of the page. We read from top – left to right (not the whole world I know).
  • Color — Use bold if you want to draw attention to a text. A special typography will also tell the visitors what kind of text they are looking at. So let a quote look the same around your site and so on.
  • Contrast – contrast makes things stand out. But remember that also make the other things fade out a little – right?
  • Size — big draws attention.
  • Elements – maybe you are using a special kind of graphic element that can draw attention from the visitors.


Sweetie187 /Free Photos

Don’t be afraid of space. Spacing can make things look more exclusive.

  • Line Spacing. Line spacing can make it easier to read your text.
  • Padding. Padding is the space between text and elements like images. They should never touch each other.
  • White Space. Don’t be afraid of white spaces on your website. White spaces can help you to make other things stand out and make your site look more exclusive.


Maybe you have heard the new buzzword. Usability. Well navigation is king of the usability. Lol – no it’s not. But it’s very important.
You will probably have a top navigation bar. But you can also have navigation on your pages. A link to another page on your site is also a navigation.

The main thing is that people should know when its a navigation link. Normally when you can click on a navigation link you will have it underlined. Again don’t let the people think. Make it easy to find and use your navigation.

If you have many sub-pages a good idea is to use drop-down menu. If you have a large website (a website with many pages) a good idea is often to use a bread crumb trails. So people always know where they are on your site.

typography class
sincretic /Free Photos

When you are choosing your typography – there are some things that are important to consider.

  • Font choices – be consciously about your choice. Do you want a modern slim look, retro look. If you are selling hot fashion will probably not have an old fashion typography
  • Font sizes – Remember that people have to be able to read your text. Get your grandparents to read your text. 🙂
  • Line length – Don’t make your lines too long. The longer the lines are the harder they are to read.
  • Color – Don’t make your text in a color that have to low contrast to your background.
  • Paragraphing – Maybe you should use spacing around your paragraph. There is no general rule about this. But do a test or two.


Many people are saying content is king – but I heard more and more people saying – Usability is king. And even though they might be wrong – it’s still a very very very important element.

Take a step away from your computer. And imagine what people want to do on your site. Let’s say you have a website with used cars. So a visitor on your site is maybe looking for a used car.

But how will the visitor search for it. The type of car, the size of car, the color of the car or…

Really the best thing you can do is to make some usability test. Invite people over. And give them a test. Like to find a black Toyota from 2008. How long time did it take them to find the information. If you had 10 people over was it only one person who could find it in 5 min. What can you do to help people?

You can also get ideas from other websites about used cars. Check them out. Write down the good elements, the bad elements. Take your visitors seriously.


Consistency is very important for your website. Make sure you are using the same font, headline, subtitle font, colors, navigation. Using consistency means that you are making it easier to visit your site.

The easiest way is to use a template. Then you know it will stay the same.


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