More tips to reduce your bounce rate (infographic)

Take a look at this infographic from KISSmetrics. If you want to see it larger just click on the image. Remember to check out theses tips about reducing your bounce rate too. Enjoy your day, Henrik

How to Reduce your Bounce Rate and get more traffic

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that hit a page and don’t visit any other pages within the same visit. So bounce rate is a way for you to measure the quality of your site. Do your visitors like your page or do they run away from you. Your goal will be to make people stick around a little more and have them look at more then one page at your site.

Why a high bounce rate doesn’t have to be bad

We all like to keep the visitors on our site or blog (yes so do I – so please STAY :)) There is an awesome tool that can help us keep track on the visitors. Some of you might know it already – it's called “Bounce Rate”. If you are have been working with Google Analytic you probably know it. And if you haven’t Google Analytic on your site – go and get it as fast as you can.