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In the modern world, marketing yourself online is vital. Research shows that when someone who has access to the internet needs something, they search for it on the web. The percentage that does so depends on the product, but it is roughly between 70 per cent and 95 per cent.

Sadly, if you are a company or sole trader with an online presence, you are one of hundreds or, in some cases, thousands of firms trying to be found online. The only way to ensure you are the one people find is to get your SEO strategy right. Given that over 66 per cent of all searches in the English language are carried out using Google, your SEO strategy needs to be Google friendly.


Beating the Google Algorithm 

The problem is that Google is constantly moving the goal posts. They are continuously tweaking the algorithms they use to determine which website has the information searchers are looking for. This means that an SEO strategy that is Google friendly today may stop working tomorrow.

The best tip is to seek professional help. A Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) specialist has a much better understanding of what works now than you could ever have.

However, if you are on a tight budget, you may not have any choice but to do your own SEO. Luckily, there are still strategies you can use that have worked for years and are not likely to stop working in the future. There have always been certain things Google have rewarded.

Content is King

Google really does reward good content. Make sure that your website contains information that will really help your customers.

Try to turn your website into an authority site. Sites with plenty of pages relating to a subject automatically look important to Google.

However, be careful not to duplicate pages on your site. Google penalizes sites which have duplicated content on them.


Keep Your Site Fresh

Refresh your information regularly. Doing this ensures your site is up to date and gives Google’s bots new information to find.

Add video and images to your site. Google likes to see a balance between text and other information on websites. Make sure you label videos and images using relevant keywords to get the most out of them.


The Role of Keywords

The phrases you use on your website are what tell Google’s bots what your site is about. You need to sprinkle each page of your website with relevant phrases known as keywords.

However, use them carefully – too many on one page and Google will penalize you. Put your main keyword in your page title, first paragraph and last paragraph. That is enough for a 300-400 word page. For every additional 125-150 words, add another occurrence of that keyword.

The more pages you have on your website, the more keywords or phrases you can target without Google slapping your site down.


Linking Internally & Externally

Last, but not least, are links. Link the pages on your site to each other properly. Google likes it and people will stay on your site longer if it is easy to navigate. Get other people to link to your website.

However, when it comes to backlink quality is far, far more important than quantity. The likes from Facebook, Google+ links and other social links are very powerful, so target them.


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GoogleLogoThe most essential SEO factor to keep an eye on when you are working with SEO is the Google search algorithm right?

And as a bonus you will get a  sneak peek inside Google at the end of the article here.

Every year Google changes its search algorithm up to 500-600 times. Check it out here for the history of Google search algorithm changes.

So how do you keep track on the constantly changing algorithm?

Well let me tell you how you can do that. And in the end I will give you a sneak peak inside Google too.

(I just made this Google picture here to the left, I hope you like it)



1. Follow Matt Cutts on Google Plus

Matt Cutt is the head of webspam at Google and lately he has become a kind of spokesperson for the changes in Google organic search.

The easiest way to follow him is to follow him on Google Plus. Over 200.000 people are already following him here.

Sometimes he is writing posts about what is going to happen in the future. So you will get a change to modify your SEO work before Google has implemented it. Great right?



2. Follow the official Google Search Blog

This is essential too. You will get the information about the algorithm from inside Google. So if you only want to follow one website/blog it has to be this one (hmm make it 2, you have to follow of course).

This official google search blog will tell you about the most important changing factors and major issues about the Google search.

This is a must follow.

Ready for more?



3. Follow MozCast

Do you know Mozcast?

With MozCast you can keep track of all the day to day changes in the Google algorithm. We all know the big changes like Panda and Penguin. But Google makes changes every day – it’s a never ending story.

So how does MozCast work?

MozCast has hand picked a set of 1.000 keywords – and they grab the top 10 of all theses keywords.

Each day they will take these top 10 and compare it the previous day’s top 10 and with this they will calculate a rate of change. If there are a lot of changes across the 1.000 keywords they are following, they will get a high change rate – and the weather temperature will rise.

An average day the temperature is 70°F.



4 Run regularly SEO reports

You can run regular reports on your main keywords, I will do that once a month.

I use a program called “IBP Internet Business Promoter”, but there are a lot of different companies out there you can use. A lot of people are using SeoMoz.

With a report like this you will get recommendations about what you need to do to get higher ranking on your keywords.




5 Follow

I have to write this one right?  Join our email club here, and follow us our LinkedIn SeoCustomer group and why not like SeoCustomer on Facebook.







And the bonus sneak peek inside Google

Have you ever seen how it looks like inside Google? Well take a sneak peek here and check it out.



Take care out there, Henrik




secretSo you wonder how Google calculates its ranking right?

Well here it is – it’s for you – and the best part is that it’s FREE.

Well I have to be honest to you – I don’t have it from Google. The percent is taken from a 72 SEOs surveyed for SEO moz’s biennial search ranking factors. But it’s getting very close to the real thing.

So lets run through the algorithm because it’s so very important to everything we are going to do with SEO.

First of all did you see that “Link Popularity of the specific page” and “Anchor Text of External Links to the Page” together makes up for around 42 percent of the ranking. Yes you read it right. That’s why link building is so important.

That’s why all the SEO people keep running around shouting about getting links to your page. And that’s why we will pay high attention on links and getting those backlinks. I will tell you much more about what to do later on.

Google Algorithme, Google Ranking

How Google calculates the ranking of websites

And did you also see the growing importance of social media. The links coming from social media are very important for the ranking. Here its over 5 percent. And that is also links. So over half of the ranking on Google is about links


On page keywords usages

Another interesting thing is the onpage keywords usages are only 15 percent of the ranking. So no matter how much effort you are doing to write your keywords into the text, make the picture tag making extra pages with the keyword – it only counts for 15 percent.

Of course 15 percent is a lot too – and if your keywords is not on the page you will have a problem. So we still have to work with the on page keywords.


Traffic and CTR data

And yes – traffic is important. Websites with a lot of traffic must be more important than websites without or with less traffic.

And the CTR (click through rate) it’s important. How many times are your website shown in searches compared to how many time people are clicking on your link.

That’s why you have to work with the meta description even though its not really important in the ranking – but make people curious so they just have to click on your link.

Well.. Now its time for some coffee..


googlelogoGoogle is constantly making changes and evolving its algorithm. So a challenge for all working with SEO is to keep up with Google. Let me tell you what happened in January. The biggest change was the “search plus your world” so you will have to take Google+ much more serious now.

But there have been other changes too that will affect your search ranking on Google. Let me give you a short summaries of the other changes here.

Improve detection of recurrent event pages
. Google made several improvement to how they determine the date of a document. Google wanna show fresher and more timely results, specially for pages discussing recurring events.Fresher results – Google made several adjustments to the freshness algorithm that was first released in November. Google want to show the user the freshest, most relevant results.

Auto-complete spelling corrections and better spelling full-page replacement. Google are trying to improve its corrections used in auto-complete. So when I am searching for SeoCustomer Google will show me the results for “Seo Customer”, because Google is sure I am spelling it wrong. Most of the time its a great thing. So Google will automatic show the results for what Google things is the right search.

High-quality sites algorithm improvements with Panda updates. Google is still trying to improve its Panda update that is launched in 2011. So again this is a way to show fresher content.

Cross-language refinements. Google will do a better attempt to auto-detect the language of the original display language. If a user is typing a query in Danish he or she might see Danish query refinements, even if the user language is set to Danish.

English on Google Saudi Arabia. Now the users in Saudi Arabia can more easily choose an English interface to search on


Ready for more ? I will just get me another cup of coffee here.

Okay back..


Imporved image search quality. This is a smaller improvement to Google’s image search ranking algorithm. This improvement will help high-quality landing pages to get higher in images searches.
So remember to tag your pictures with your relevant keywords – right?

More relevant related searches. When you are making a search on Google you will see a section called “Searches related to” at the bottom of the screen. Google has now updates its algorithm for showing more relevant website to the user.


So as you can see Google is focusing a lot of its attention on freshness. So why not make sure you get comments on your page and remember the product reviews from your customer.

And you did read my post about Google+… maybe the biggest change in the history of Google?

Please add me to your Google+ circles. And did you get the free Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011 with a lot of tips on SEO, SEM, Link Buidling and Social Media Traffic.


Have a great day out there… and as always wishing you all the best