WarOnFreeClicksPicHow Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are taking over Google’s search engine results.

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TheGoodTheBad“The average tyrannies“ have you ever heard of that?

Let say that we have 5 men who all are 2 meter tall – and 5 men who are 1.80 meter tall. Then you will tell say that the average height is 1.90 meter – right? The problem is that nobody is really 1.90 meter tall in this group of men.

“The tyranny of averages is a phrase used in applied statistics to describe the often overlooked fact that the mean does not provide any information about the distribution of a data set or skewness, and that decisions or analysis based on this value—as opposed to median and standard deviation—may be faulty” (from Wikipedia).


The average PPC
In PPC you will have an average of – let’s say – 10 dollars per conversion in 2011. But you will have some months doing much better and month doing lot worse.

Maybe you product is a product that is only really interesting in the summertime – even though people might click on your ads all year around. So maybe your conversion rate in the summertime is only 1 dollar.

Most of the time your conversion rate is not average – it’s always better or worse than the average.


My PPC campaigns are bad… ?

But with a conversion rate of 10 dollars you are losing money – so your boss or your client tells you to stop advertising on Google Adwords or other PPC search engines.

Big Mistake!

You should stop advertising from October to May – and spend the entire budget in the summertime instead.

The lesson to learn here is to dig deeper than the average number. The average number is for the executive summary. So of course you need average numbers – but you will make a big mistake if you only focus on the averages.

Check out the worse and best performing keywords and ads – Why are they performing bad/good? Is there some kind of characteristics about them? Remember to check out the hour performance, is the weekend better, seasoning etc.

You average might look fine for some of your campaigns – but they still might be doing a bad job half of the time.

So take your time to dig deeper.

An example of the average tyrannies is this one. I had an ad that was doing average.

I was checking it once a week. The next week it was really going down. The problem was that the client had deleted the landingpage. So I was sending thousends of people to an nonexciting page every day.

If I had been more carefull and not trusted the average I would have discover that Monday, Tuesday and Whensday was great. And after that 0 conversion. Instead the next Monday I could see – that it was still average.


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BenefitsDigital marketing is essential to bring your website in front of your targeted audience.

When you understand what Pay Per Click Search Engines are and what the advantage is of using the right ones for you and using them wisely, you’ll see why they are now a crucial part of any successful digital marketing plan.

As a business owner, you want more business. Digital marketing has a number of different categories, each with their own strategies, and they all work together to meet similar goals.

Regarding people using the search engines to find products and services, what is most important to you is that the right type of potential customers, and lots of them, see the link to your website and want to click on it.

You want a targeted, focused customer base, who spot your link easily, click on it quickly, and stay on your web pages for a long time.


Every business needs to make pay per click part of their digital marketing campaign.

The more you are in a hurry to skyrocket your business on the fast track as soon as possible, the more you need to look at pay per click options. Why?

It takes time, at least a few months, before most major search engines can index a new site and then you can move up in the search engine rankings for major keyword terms in your field. (Of course the more you use search engine optimization techniques the quicker this will happen but there are many factors involved.)

In the meantime, pay per click search engines have multiple benefits including that they can jump start you right way, attracting searches to your new website before it’s fully indexed and optimized completed for the major web search engines.


Take me to the top, Baby
In this day and age, when nobody looks past the first pages and often people only look at the first six or seven listings, every listing you go up can mean more customers, and more reoccurring dollars in your pocket.

So you need to do everything in your power to take your listing up to the top. Pay per click strategies will help you do well in the organic searches as well when used as part of a well thought out, strategic marketing plan. Which is why it is an essential part of your “see you at the top” goal.

Besides the fact that pay per click search engines are fast, easy, and help you rise in the search engines, some other benefits are that:

  1.  You only pay when someone clicks your site
  2. They are extremely cost-effective because you can decide on the rate that you are willing to pay for each click for the keywords that you chose. Some rates can be as low as a penny per word.
  3. You are going to get a huge return on investment. You will be able to visibly track your progress and see your returns.

Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, MSN/BING PPC, and Facebook PPC are the biggest Pay Per Click Search Engines.

They are going to be more costly but worth the expense. Less well-known pay per click search engines generally offers a much lower cost.


Author Bio:- Sunny Popali is SEO Director at, TempoCreative servicing Inbound Marketing in Arizona.  For more than 10 years many big brands have benefited from Tempo & Team for digital & internet marketing needs.


Do you know about the brand new ”click-to-teleport ad extensions”?

Which this extension in your ad you can now show your customers not only the closest location – but also the location with the best conversion rate.

The other day Google Adwords did a great new update – Click-to-Teleport Ad Extensions.

This will enable searchers “Click-to-Teleport shortens the offline conversion funnel by allowing a user to teleport directly to your business location by clicking on your search ad“. Google Adwords Click-To-Teleport

This is how it looks like.















(picture from Google)


You will have 3 options for your “Click-to-Teleport Ad Extensions“

1) Optimize for closest location
2) Optimize for conversions
3) Rotate evenly

If you pick the “optimize for closest location” this will be the least disorienting one for your visitors and this will help you to maintain a local feeling.

Optimize for conversion will direct your visitors to the location where customers are most likely to convert.

If you choose ”rotate evenly” it will as the name says – rotate evenly amoung your business locations.

“Click-to-Teleport Ad Extensions“ is not the only extra link you can use in Google Adwords.


Show sitelink to your pages from your website from Google Adwords

Maybe you have seen the sitelinks when you are searching on Google.















With theses extra links to your site you can let your customers quickly see and clik to a specific page of your website. So you customers don’t have to click around.

For every click your customers have to click you will loose some of them. Some of the customers might want to see your menu, some of your customers are only interested in your phone number. Maybe some people are interested in your store location only. So give the people some different options.

Its also very easy to update your sitelinks whenever you want to. And you will keep your ads and keywords and still have your ad up-to-date for your sale.


This is how you activate and create your sitelinks

  1. sign in to your Adword account
  2. choose your campaigns tab click +New Campaign
  3. Scroll down to the “Ad extensions” section
  4. Check the box next to sitelinks – Extent my ads with links to sections of my site
  5. enter your link text and your destination URL – you can add up to 10 sitelinks per campaign
  6. Click Save and continue.

Remember to keep the link text short and precise.


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If you are doing Google Adwords you will know that its very important to improve you CTR. Google will reward you if your CTR is high. The reward will be for you to pay less for a click and there for give you a higher position. And we all know that a higher position will leads to more clicks. So yes you will probably pay the same, but will more clicks to your website.

Read my article Good Advice Before You Start Doing Google Adwords about how you improve your CTR. Delete the bad keywords, try new keywords and always split test your ads. This is pretty much standard today. And did you read about automated rules article.

But honnestly – how many of you have been working with time of day and days of week? Well I admit it… I haven’t done much until lately. But it really works and you gotta check it out.

Now google AdWords gives you the possibility to show your ads at particular times of the day or 24 hours a day. So you will have to check your CTR and your conversion rates. Maybe if your ads are showing at night – people are clicking on your ads. Or maybe they will never click on your ads and therefor your CTR will become low. But you can see that you almost never sell anything between 11 pm and 7 am. So in fact its a waste of money. And maybe your overall CTR will get down because your CTR in the evening and night is low. The CTR can varies a lot doing the day.



So you will have to determined which of the hours your ads produce the worst CTRs, and then you can choose not to show your ads at these times.

The result is that your overall CTR of your campaign will get higher – Google Adwords will reward you and give you a higher position for the same click price – and you will get more clicks. Pretty simple right?

This is what you will have to do
1) choose the campaign you wanna optimize
2) Select the dimension tab
3) Click the view submenu and selct hour of day

Now you can see what times of the day your ad group i sunder perforning. Now you have to exclude your ads from showing when your CTR is low. Now go to advance settings – ad scheduling. And now your a done.




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Save time and get higher CTRIf I can promise you  that you can save a lot of time and you will get hight CTR in your Google Adwords – what would you say?

When you are running an Adword campaign you are problerly checking your keywords at least every week (maybe every day if you are curious as me), deleting the inefficiency keywords, – the bids to get on the first page. There can be a lot of work with Google Adwords.

But did you know you can use automated rules? You have had the possibilites for around 1 year now I think. So let me show you what you can do with it.

Google Adwords automated rules started testing around December of 2010. And in February of 2011 it became available on all accounts. The feature really is that it let the user do some frequently repeated tasks without manual adjustment. You can do some advance rules, such as excluding specific keywords, apply rules to multiple campaigns (I love that).

So how can it give you a higher CTR then you can do manual? I tell you why. Its really is an amazing tool. And you can run 24/7 /365 without you using a lot of time and energy.

And at the same time give you a higher CTR because it runs all the time and now only make changes when you have time to make them – right?


Here is what you are should do

1) Go to your account and click on the Automate button. You can find the automate button on the campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords tabs. The menu options is different depending on your location.

2) Select the type of automate rule you would like to run. Check it out here


Automated Rules Options

Keyword Level

Ad Level

Ad Group Level

Campaign Level

Change max CPC bids

Pause ads

Change ad group default max CPC

Change daily budget

Raise bids to first page CPC

Enable ads

Pause ad groups

Pause campaigns

Pause keywords

Enable ad groups

Enable campaigns

Enable keywords


3) Next you will select the parameter or criteria for your rule

4) Remember to check out the preview of the criteria. This will help you to make sure you have set it up correctly.

5) Manage your rules and keep track of all your changes..

6) Remember only 10 rules can be created per user per account.

7) You are all done 🙂  Easy right


Best practice…

I have been collecting some of the best practice automated rules. Ready? Don’t forget your coffee – it might get cold.

1) Setting up ads to run on specific times like weekends, promotion evens, seasons or holidays)

2) Setting up specific ads to turn on of off for promotional or other events.

3) Turn on or off ads, keywords or campaigns with very low CTR or with a high cost per conversion

4) Automatically bids that will adjust your bids until a keyword reaches a target position or match the target cost per conversion

5) Adjust your bids at different times during the day, week or year

6) Automatically incresing your budget for your effective campaigns

7) Make different budget for specific time of the week or year

8) Putting your campaings on pause when you hit a specific number of clicks


I hope this can give you some good ideas for how you can make some automated rules for your Google Adwords.

All the best to you as always.




Okay guys – I know you will hate me after this article. And why? Because I am going to give you some homework lol. Ready – you have your coffee? Okay…
I have done a lot of Google AdWords and I have done all the usual stuff. A/B testing, different headlines, different text, putting the keyword in the URL… And some of that was working. (You do A/B testing by the way? If not remember always to do that). But I must admit that my CTR didn’t change that much. But there is something that really can make a big change in the CTR. The trick is called Dynamic Keyword Insertion.