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Well if I saw a headline like that – I would go OMG. But its really true. And yes it is free. You will submit your link to 25 social bookmarking sites every day for free.


I just found this site and wanna share it with you guys. there is a Social Bookmarking site where you can go and submit to 25 social site for free every day. And you know what – it will take you about 5 min 🙂

Let me tell you have it works. First you go to You sign up (very easy promise), and then you submit your URL, give your page a title, make a short description, write some tags to your page. And you are done. You don’t have to sign up individual for the 25 social bookmarking sites.

Check out how it works here in the video…



Now if you wanna do a little trick on the SocialMonkee you can spin some of the words.

In the title you can use at least 3 but up to 20 Versions in the format {title1|title2|title3}. Your descripting must be Spun, use at least 3 but up to 20 versions with 160 characters long in the format {description1|description2|description3}. And at last the keywords must be spun, use at least 3 but up to 20 versions in the format {tags1|tags2|tags3} . This way you will have unique titles, descriptions and tags for the social sites.

This video will show how to do it…



So no more talk guys. click and sign up for free and get 25 free links every day. And if you click this link you will help me too. Cause if I get 12 people to sign up for free, I can do 125 links every day. And you will get the same offer.


Best of luck to you guys





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