Stand Out On Twitter

If you have a twitter account and maybe 500 or 1000 followers you know the problem. There are so many tweets going on on twitter. So how do you stand out. How can you get the attention from people.

One way is always to tweet 3 or 4 tweets after each other.  You should always do it this way by the way. But this is not what I wanna tell you about today.

I will give you a little easy but effect full advice.

Make a moving profile picture 🙂


How to make a moving profile picture

Its very simple – so even I can do it… So listen here… this is what I did.

1) go to

















2) Click on the “add pictures” and upload at least 2 pictures…

3) Choose the speed between the pictures…

















4) You are done 🙂 Easy right?


Now you have a profile picture on twitter that will stand out and get attention from your followers. Yes yes yes… I know .. you have to upload the gif you just made to your twitter account.

And my profile picture on twitter is here (I did try to smile on the picture)















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Have a great weekend all.. enjoy