Social Media Trends in 2013

socialmediatrends2013How Social Media Marketing Has Changed in This Year

Social media is the new business trend for marketers.

Every brand, every company, small or big has slowly paved a sure path towards definite social media goals in the recent past. The aim today is not just to inform customers as much as it is to engage clients and keep them interested continuously for the long term.

Constant interaction with clients has now taken centre stage.

There were several changes in the social media market in 2012.

But in the New Year, 2013 one can observe several more shifts in trends that have largely benefited both clients and businesses respectively.


Pictures now Define what to Buy

In the old days, plain advertisement and creative marketing did the trick.

However, today’s customers are a highly informed group. You can’t simply market a new product. You have to sell it.

The 2013 social media trend now involves sharing new, polished, photo-shopped pictures on various networking sites via interactive platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

The objective is to inspire people to buy rather than to inform them to buy.


Mixing Business and Pleasure

A main source of social media revenue comes from famous networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin.

It has therefore been a year of business and pleasure. Business owners and brands now try to interact with customers through these sites and share topics, pictures and latest updates on new products.

This interactive technique makes customers feel that they are part of the brand’s growth and story.

What better way is there to inspire customers to buy a product?

When a customer is browsing through family pictures online and sees a popup informing him or her of a new product launch or release, it will definitely garner the required attention.


Garnering Followers

Twitter has taken the social media marketing world by storm.

Brands and products now focus on creating their own twitter ideas, garner loyal followers and proceed to make them a part of their every story. This is especially already a done deal for most international brands.

Customers after all like to feel important when they know what next their favorite company is about to launch.


Creativity takes a Back Seat

In the past, creative ads were the norm.

This year on the focus is on better content, informative yet unique marketing techniques and state of the art pictography.

All of this is an endeavor to better suit the world of social media while one tries to create a social media connect there.


These trends will lead to a rapid new chapter in the life of Social Media and its importance across sectors from 2013.


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