Social media and blogs

Social media platforms are used by many people in the world today. There are various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Other social media platforms are those that allow for instant messaging over the internet. Social media can be used by blogs to profitable ends. Groups exist on social media platforms that can be effectively used to advance the blog of an organization.

Most bloggers have an online presence today. The youth and teenagers are more active on social media that the aged. A blog that targets these people as their potential customers has to be quite visible in social media. Incorporation of social media into the blog helps in linking the blog itself to the blog’s social media pages. A good online presence by the blog in social media circles lends credibility to the blog. Readers get to trust the blog more if they see that it has an extensive online presence. Another positive benefit for the blog that utilizes linkage to social media is that the blog gets better visibility.

Hype for new blog posts can also be created using social media. Competitions or reward games can be employed to test the awareness and experience of your blog readers with the contents of your blog. Users of a social media platform are also informed of the goings on of a blog faster. They also give feedback to the blog. This feedback is used by the blogger to improve customer experience and to make their customer care services better. It is important to act on information posted on social media platforms appropriately. Fast response is also required for complaints that could be launched on social media. This is because the numbers of people who get to know of the complaint are many and this can impact adversely on the blog. It is important to keep monitoring comments about your blog on social media, including the accounts of competitors so that anti-blog campaigns are noted early and if possible stopped.

Image for seocustomerSocial media has another use for blogs in that it can be used to market the blog and other products that may be offered on the blog. There are business blogs that have successfully used social media and online presence to pass information to consumers about new products. Already existing products can also be re-launched and marketed via social media. A good social media management by a blog also earns them a good reputation and improves their credibility. Social media have also been used to recover the image of blogs in scandalous situations. The blog engages in activities such as charity donations that help to recover their image, and then posts details of these activities on their social media accounts. Customers will then see the good things that the bloggers are engaged in and forget the bad happening of the past. Explanations can also be issued on social media. As a blogger, you can issue press statements when necessary via online channels or on social media too.

A blog can also monitor the social media accounts of competitors so that they know what the competitors are doing. A competitor’s blog could be spreading inappropriate and slanderous information about you and your blog. Knowing that this is happening will enable you prevent further damage to your credibility and image. Such issues however need careful and cautious diplomatic approaches and reasoning so that the incident does not spark off an internet war between you and the rival bloggers.

Basically, there is no limit to the way that social media can be used by a blog and each blog organization needs to creatively and innovatively explore the various ways in which they can utilize social media to boost their blogs.

The author is a freelance writer at Essay Jedi. He mainly focuses on technology and latest trends that are aimed at enthusiasts of networking.