SEO Tools to take a look at in 2013

SEO toolsIn today’s world of ever increasing technological advancement, there has been a wide array of inventive SEO approaches to internet posting. In fact, there are now so many SEO tools for website owners to use that the decision can often be an overwhelming one.

To help narrow down the extensive search, below is a breakdown of the best SEO tools on the internet.



Probably the best SEO tool that’s offered on the internet is provided by duplicate content checker PlagSpotter.

Offering a variety of useful tools to site owners, the diverse SEO provider is one of the leaders in creating completely original web content.

By using PlagSpotter, you will be ensured that duplicate content is not published on your website.

Not only will this great tool check your entire website for double produced content, but it will also provide you with a list of websites that contain the same material as yours.


Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools is probably the most useful and effective SEO resource on the entire internet.

Offering a diverse range of SEO options, Link Research has something to offer all website owners including:


  • Contact Finder
  • Link Detox
  • Quick Backlinks
  • Link Juice Thief
  • Common Backlinks Tool
  • Link Alerts
  • Quick Domain Compare
  • Backlink Profiler
  • Competitive Language Analyzer
  • Missing Links Tool


The Backlink Profiler Tool

The Backlink Profiler that Link Research Tools provides is easily the most in-depth report that offers relative website information such as backlinks and statistical analyst’s that are based on that information.

Some of the most important SEO attributes are reported here are based on the number of outputs from a specific website.

Without question, the most important SEO factor that is detailed on the Backlink Profiler Tool is anchor density.  Anchor density is essential because it allows you to see whether or not a certain website is superior or not.

Other important reported SEO factors include ACRank, Google Author ID, anchor density, Domain Authority, Seomoz and anchor test breakdown.


Audit Specific Websites

The great thing about the extensive Backlink Report is that is provides you with a website’s certain advantages and disadvantages.

This is extremely helpful because it educates website owners on how to increase their sites’ overall rating.

For example: You are able to determine what percentage of a published blog or article contains a specific keyword.

On top of that, the report will tag certain websites as one’s that are commonly penalized for publishing low content, unoriginal material.


Allowing Research – The Competitive Way

To continue the review of a website, further research will need to be done.

A great benefit that any competitive research will provide you with is knowing the exact keyword subjects that are frequently used on any given website.

Whether it’s a keyword containing a lot of sports franchise links, social gathering links or celebrity blogging links, you will be able to determine common trends among any chosen website.

Simply triggering the Backlink Profiler tool will allow you access to examine a websites anchor density and their tagged backlinks.

This proves to be vital in increasing a websites’ industry ranking.


The Juicer – Searching many URL’s

Another great tool that Link Research Tools provides is their Juice Tool.

Processing 2,000 URL’s at once, this beneficial SEO resource will basically provide you with the same information as the Backlink Profiler, but less detailed than the massive report.

This tool allows you to search specific URL’s and all of their adaptations.

Based on this knowledge, additional website tendencies can also be discovered.  The Juice Tool is additionally helpful because it will show you the integrity of any given website.


Link Detox

The Link Detox resource that Link Research Tools provides is great for identifying distrustful links to a specific domain.

In order to determine if a link is suspicious or not the Link Detox tool will assess webpage’s that are not indexed in a Google search, links from a link network or low level link speed.

This tool is essential because it allows you to easily figure out what links to associate yours with.   In addition, each link is reviewed individually to coincide with the Google Webmaster Tools.


Sandra Miller is a SEO tips writer, always uses duplicate content checker PlagSpotter to make sure that her website content is unique.



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