Red, Green and Blue: Why Colors Matter on Your Website


Red Green Blue2Colors can alter the mood of a person, dictate feelings or even influence a person to purchase a product. One can say that color is a powerful tool when it comes to design.

With the emergence of new technologies and the impact of websites, the power of color can be applied even to web design. Choosing the right color scheme for your website can help in driving traffic and even to influence your readers to take action, especially for profit-oriented websites.

Here are some insights on color and its usage in web design:


Light versus dark

A light color scheme is often used by females with personal blogs because it evokes a feeling of lightness and a touch of femininity, especially when pastels are thrown into the mix.

A dark color scheme is not so popular when it comes to blogs because it makes text harder to read, but it has its uses in mainstream websites.

Some official websites by individuals make use of such, usually following the scheme in cover and album art for musicians, or movie posters for films.


White or black backgrounds

White backgrounds are generally used all throughout the Internet. It serves as a great base for e-commerce websites because items are easier to view as opposed to choosing such with a dark background.

On the other hand, black backgrounds are often used for websites and forums that are masculine in nature. Most videogame-related websites make use of black backgrounds.


Gender generalizations

With regard to gender, it is hard to generalize which color would appeal to each. There is a common notion that women love pink, but there are actually a number of them who hate the color with a passion.

A good way to determine which colors are a hit with each gender are the fashion trends of the season.

What people are wearing can translate to what the colors actually appeal to them.


Let’s talk business

For corporate sites, it is best to choose a color or two from the company logo. Some companies even have official color schemes, and that should be used in the company website as well. It adds a touch of professionalism to the website.

In the same way, portfolio sites should choose colors that reflect the personal style of the owner’s projects so that prospective clients can decide early on whether the kind of work would be what he can expect from the designer.

Those with businesses should be very careful with the use of colors, since some people have negative connotations with some shades and they might turn people off. Neutral colors with hints of accents are your best bets.

The color choices that you employ for your website can make or break the purpose of having one.

Make sure that the hues and shades that you choose are in line with the content you want to have on your website, in order to achieve what you want.

Also keep in mind that colors can have so many meanings, not just in social conventions but even psychology-wise, so be careful in adding splashes of colors on your website.


Erik Gaandt is a freelance tech writer and SEO enthusiast. He understands the importance of SEO good practices and he enjoys sharing his insights on various marketing blogs. WhoIsHostingThis is a review service that focuses on the performance of various webhosts.



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