Ranking is dead – and welcome to the new SEO baby named Joe

babyWell the new baby on the internet is Social Media right?

So if you think of the SEO as a stand-a-lone industry – you have to redefine your thinking. The baby Social Media is here to stay – or at least for a very very long time.

Beside Social Media – we also have to take care of the more and more use of Local Searches. If you are in Manhattan you will get a completely other search results – than if you did the same search in Copenhagen in Denmark.

So both Local Searches and Social Media – wow – I think the good old fashion SEO is as good as dead.

Ranking is the search engines way to compare your websites to your competitor’s website for a specific keyword right? But living in the age of the social and personalize web. Google and other search engines will know you more and more. And it will give you a very personalize and local result for you.

If you are searching for coffee – Google already know you have a good friend who you talk with on the net 4 times a week and his best friend has a coffee shop half a mile from you. So of course Google will show you that shop at the top of the ranking.

Here in the picture I have searched for SEO. And to the right you see that Google is showing me people and pages from Google+. And it is also showing me some personal social ranking in the main ranking. (I promise you my website will not show up among the first top 10 on Google for the word SEO normally).


Ranking is Dead from SeoCustomer.com
















But before you get to negative – think of Social Media optimization as a form of SEO. You have to face it – the real-time search is here. We will have to reborn our SEO. Maybe we should call the baby for Local Social Media Optimization – LSMO. Or maybe some cleaver guy before me already has taken that word – lol. Maybe its better to call him Joe hmm.

Let me tell show you an example of how you can make it work.

  • You set op a website or blog
  • Next you set up your social networks – like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  • Local search setup – remember to use the local setup on Google, Yelp, Urban Spoon, CitySearch etc.
  • Build up likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, connections on Linkedin
  • Stil create some great content
  • Get social – start to join groups, commenting on blogs, get backlinks.

We still have to make sure you end up with the right keywords, use the right keywords in your profile and local set up. We have to work much more on getting you a lot of followers, likes and connections from your social network. So yes – I think we (the SEO guys) have to work much more then before.

So guys – SEO is not dead – but we have to rethink the industry – rethink how we are working. OMG – I have to get social 🙂
What do you think guys? Am I wrong about this? Give me your comment…


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Okay time for my coffee. Have a great day all…

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