Okay I admit it I’m in love with Google

I love Google– But do not tell my girlfriend – please !!!

Google is any SEO man’s dream.

I hope you do not mind I say her about Google? But it makes things a little easier.

First of all she makes me very happy when she brings traffic to my website. I just need to try to please her – then she will makes me happy.

I know, I know – she changes the rules all the time about what will make her happy. In the past she was happy just with a few keywords on the page and some juice from backlinks.

Nowadays, she becomes more and more social. She wants me to go out and talk to friends and acquaintances. So I’ve obviously created a Facebook page and a Twitter account. So now she’s happy again.

In the past I could sit in the basement and drinking cola and get lots of love from her – but these days she wants much more from me.

I think her mother and father were engineers, because her body language is actually pretty easy to read.

Yes yes I know – she likes to tease me and change her preferences up to 500 times each year. But again girls do that right guys?

But I still like her.

With all the traffic coming in and the conversions I get she makes me some good money. So now I can adfort to buy things for her. No, no she does not like diamonds and gold rings. She likes to sell me Adwords – but that’s OK. She’s cute.

I’ve actually be in love with her since 2000. Yes that’s right – I’ve known her for 12 years now. Amazing right?

Oh no – now she calls again. I’d better see if I can make her happy.

Time for some… SEO…

All the best to you all, Henrik


PS –  I’m glad that she doesn’t have a mother!

PS PS – Don’t tell my girlfriend about this … please




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