Nine Undermined Techniques to boost your SEO in 2020

Search engine optimization is the deadliest tool in the arsenal of a business. It is capable of increasing the search traffic manifold and can also improve your brand awareness. Today, when a vast majority of businesses have taken up the online space for survival, hundreds of thousands of consumers have started looking for content on Google that helps them with everyday decision making.

Statistically speaking, HubSpot has revealed that more than eighty per cent of website traffic is generated through a mobile search query. This implies that optimization for search engines is a critical success factor for all online businesses. It is significant to note that maintaining the ownership of the most-coveted top ranks on a search engine result requires a lot of homework, research and even experimentation.

With the algorithms of Google changing as quickly as seconds on a clock, it is necessary to remain in touch with the tech news. When you develop a sound understanding of SEO, you can easily gauge the merits of any SEO expert!

Why SEO matters?

According to  LiveInternetStats , there are 88,000 Google searches conducted per second. In the United States, over 82% of people utilize quick online searches to review products and services before making a purchase.

When a website gets ranked on the first page of Google search results, it receives the inherent benefit of better visibility. This translates to better traffic and improved conversions which help you reach the optimum level of revenue generation.

The reason why it is essential to make it to the first page is that over 75% of users don’t bother to  go any farther than the first page of search results.

The first three organic search results gather more than half of the traffic generated from the web search result. These leads have a positive close rate and compared to the uncertain results from email and print advertising.

There is a lot more to conversion optimization than the generation of organic traffic. It includes the creation of clarity in the lead capture form, better sales page navigation and inviting product page development.

All of these technicalities fall under the all-encompassing umbrella of Search Engine Optimization. Getting more visitors on your top pages will lead you towards better rates of conversion and rope in a broader band of customers to your business.

Here is a list of xx SEO techniques that can increase your search traffic in a short period of time.

Need for speed

When you begin your SEO efforts, remember that site speed is a crucial component of the process. With consumer concentration spans falling lowers, it is necessary for your site to capture the attention in the first three seconds.

Speed can be optimized by the use of minimal content and compressed images. The key here is to ensure that the quality is not compromised.

Fix the broken links

Your website must offer quick navigation. An essential component of this concern is mending broken links. When you fix the links on your site, your usability increases manifold.

Refresh and reuse old materials

It is easy to assume that some masterpieces cannot be recreated, but everything can be revised for relevance. This implies that you can revive your old web copy and blogs by helping them gain relevance in the current context, and you are all good to go!

Invest in a high-quality copy

The adage ‘content is king’ is especially true in the realm of search engine optimization. Investing time, efforts, and precious marketing dollars in creative copy and content for your business will help you earn a lot more than mere traffic on the site.

The emotional appeal of content helps with the resonance of brand image within the target audiences, which later converts into customer loyalty.

Go big with visuals

The human brain is a visual processor. Stimulation visuals such as short videos, sliders, and gifs can help your content rank higher because of better visibility. This can also be perceived as a call for high-quality images that subtly project the product to the intended audience. Also, be mindful of the call to action.

Prioritize the user-experience

While we are still talking on the subject of consumer-centralism, it is important to note that the consumers seek experiences that add value to their life. This means that your SEO efforts must fix the technical glitches in a way that helps the user realize the value of your site.

An example can be drawn from The surveying platform has used the principles of efficiency to become a favourite amongst the audiences enthusiastic about product surveys.

Link out to authoritative sites

Authority is crucial to all websites trying to secure a rank on the first page of search results. If you have not gained the position of clear authority, then you can use link building as a route to getting recognized amongst the set of authoritative sites of your niche.

Do some more research for keywords

Search engine optimization is incomplete without thorough research of keywords. If you believe that you have cracked the code for the best-performing keywords in your industry, then you must do a recheck before taking any action.

This is why we often suggest our readers invest in proper SEO expertise.

Learn from the competition

While you are still conducting research about the keywords relevant to your niche, you can easily enlist the words championed by your competition. A deep dive into their SEO strategy will help you improve your results quicker than the time they took through trial and error.

Their loss in the past can be your moment of truth today!

Final Thoughts

SEO is not a fad that will disappear in thin air. It is indeed a science that continues to evolve and change at a fastidious pace. Its all-encompassing existence has forced marketers to invest their time and efforts into search engine optimization experts. Because it is something that is essential today and will remain a critical element of online success for at least the next few years.