Mobile Marketing For Local Business

iphoneOne of the mayor trends in marketing 2012 is mobile marketing. According to the research company ComScore there are over 100 million Smartphone subscribers in the US (January 2012).

So the question is – how can your local business use mobile marketing to make more sales. I will show you 3 easy ways to get in contact with theses 100 million people.

To make a great mobile marketing strategy we have to know how people are using their Smartphones.

  • Text Messaging 92%
  • Taking Photos 92%
  • Internet Browsing 84%
  • Emailing 76%
  • Downloading Apps 69%
  • Gaming 64%
  • Social Networking 60%
  • Navigating 55%
  • Watching Video 54%
  • Tweeting 15%
  • Checking-In 12%


Social Media Mobile
59 percent of all users of Smartphones use it for their social media like Facebook. 15 percent use it to tweeting. So your business has to get a business page on Facebook and make some tweets on twitter.

Most of the social networks are offering ads connected to the geographical location. So you can promote your hairdresser salon to the people in a specific zip code. You can also target all females from 20 – 30 years old, in a specific zip code. So be sure who your audience is.

This could be a great idea for local shops or restaurant.

You can also make a Friday special with half price.

Are you in the food industry you may have to sell your products before the expiration date. Then use mobile marketing to get rid of your stock.

Make a Facebook update about your sale to get more sale on your website. Use the mobile ad for Geo targeting your audience. This will help you to drive more traffic to your physical shop.


Use Coupons
A very simple but effective way using mobile marking is to create mobile coupons.

In a  survey from 2012, the Smartphone owners were asked, how they were  receiving different types of mobile advertising. The results were very interesting for local businesses. The Smartphone owners were most interested in receiving grocery coupons (36%), 29% would like scanable barcode, 26% would like offers to save and pursue at leisure, 26%  movie theater offers and finally 21% would like ads via SMS from a retailer with a promotion or coupon (published by

Yes you read correct! 21% would like to get a SMS from a retailer with a promotion/coupon. That’s 1 in 5 Smartphone owners. Amazing. So it’s not really surprising that retail-oriented mobile marketing technologies like coupons and barcodes are the first technologies to reach the consumer.

Use your social networks like Facebook and Twitter to drive your audience to your mobile landing page, where they can get a mobile coupon. An old fashion SMS can drive people to your mobile site too.

Let them show you the coupon in your physical shop.


Do You Have a Mobile Site?
When more and more people using their Smartphones to access the internet, you might have to consider creating a specific mobile site. IDC reports show that the Smartphone market in the 4th quarter of 2012 – up 87% from the year before – was beating the PC sales for the first time. People can do business with your from their Smartphones.

Most of the “normal” websites are very difficult to use with a Smartphone. Some websites will not even upload correct on a Smartphone. You will have to make the mobile browsing a good experience for your potential customers. Because the screen on a Smartphone is much smaller than on your laptop – you will have to create a special mobile site. So go and check out your website – how does it look on a mobile browser?

Check out this Infographic from Hybris about Mobile Marketing Commerce to get more ideas about the trends – and get more ideas.






















































Mobile marketing is growing fast these days. So you better start to think about how you can use this in your marketing strategy.

And even small local shops or business can use mobile marketing. 


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