Link Building Without Magic

You can also call this link building the aquarium way 

FrontfishThe search engines don’t like the link building tools. They want our website to look natural right? I have been searching and searching for some magic link building tool. But I never find any magic tools out there.

Let me present a really great way to get your backlinks from sites relevant to your keywords. You are going to use Google (or one of the other search engines) – so no magic.

It’s all manual work no link building tool.

Find the right websites for commenting

When we get backlinks to our website it’s important that you comment from the blogs that are relevant to your own site.

So this is how you will find them. Let’s pretend I have a blog about “aquarium”. So I will look for these blogs:

  • aquarium” inurl:blog “post a comment”
  • aquarium” inurl:blog “post a comment”
  • aquarium” “This blog uses premium CommentLuv”
  • aquarium” “Notify me of follow-up comments?”
  • aquarium” “add to this list”

This way you are sure that you will comment on the blogs that are relevant to your main keywords. Awesome right?

Of course you will just replace aquarium with your main keyword.

Well we are not done yet – ready for more?

Link Building the Aquarium Way from

Find the right websites for Guest Blogging

We all know it’s great to do some guest blogging and get our links back this way. While most of the commenting links are nofollow – most of the guest blogging links are dofollow.

Therefor Guest Blogging will not only give you traffic – it will also give you some great SEO juice (read higher ranking).
And with higher ranking you will get more leads to your site right? And more leads will give you higher sale or more downloads (or whatever your goal is for your website).

Here is how you are going to find the websites relevant for your main keyword.

  • aquarium” guest writer
  • aquarium” guest blog post writer
  • aquarium” submit content
  • aquarium” submit article
  • aquarium” submit post
  • aquarium” submit blog post
  • aquarium” add article
  • aquarium” add blog post
  • aquarium” add content
  • aquarium” guest blogger wanted

So that was search operators for Guest Blogging.

Find the right Directory and Resource Listing

Try to get into some of the directories and resource listing that are relevant to your keyword. This a great way to keep good and steady traffic come to your site.

Maybe I can find a site listing favorite aquarium shops – and then get my aquarium shop on the list.

  • aquarium” directory
  • aquarium” * directory
  • directory * “aquarium”
  • intitle:directory “aquarium”
  • inurl:directory “aquarium”
  • list of “aquarium” sites”
  • list * “aquarium” sites”
  • list * “aquarium” * sites”
  • recommended links” “aquarium”
  • recommended sites” aquarium”
  • favorite links” aquarium”
  • favorite sites” aquarium”

Well when I am done with the aquarium I will try to get SeoCustomer on some SEO lists. Well now we are almost done.

Find the right Forum for posting

When you write in forums you will write to people with the same interest as yours.

  • aquarium” forum
  • aquarium forum”
  • intitle:”aquarium” forum
  • inurl:”aquarium” forum

Wow I didn’t know there were so many websites, directories and forums about aquariums. hmm.

No more talk – now it’s time for you to test these advance search operators.

Good luck.