Link Building The Smart Way

Take control of your link building

Let me show you 10 hot websites where you can build links back to your juice loving homepage. This will be a fun tour – so get your black coffee, put the music on and enjoy the ride.


I have been working on this last weekend and I will finish it next weekend – so yes it does take some time – but it’s also worth it.




Sign up for a free account on Remember to register your main keyword phrase as your user name.

FriendFeed is a real-time feed aggregating that updates from social media and social networking websites, social bookmarking websites, blogs and micro-blogging updates. It’s a powerful feeder site where you can create backlinks to your homepage. If you don’t have an account right now – go and do it – NOW.

On Friendfeed you can show 5 of your feeds. Just click on the add/edit and add all the URLs feeds that you own. You can use all kinds of URL feeds from the web. Go and add the URL feed there to the assigned category feed or the custom feed field. When you refer back to your Friendfeed account from all your other feed URLs, your profile will automatically be updated.




Sign up for a account. Again use your main keyword phrase as your username. Post some pictures on Flickr and tag them all with your main keywords and also remember to include them in the short description. Remember to fill out the Tags description too at your pictures or videos.

And when it’s done – remember to grab your feed and add it to your Friendfeed account.

Remember to custom your Flickr URL to include your main keyword. You find your RSS feed when you click to “Your Photostream”. Scroll down and copy the latest to the right of the RSS icon. Something much easier is to go to Friendfeed – click the Flickr icon and add your username from Flickr.

Awesome right? And remember we just got started.




The next website we are going to sign up for is Again when you sign up use your main keyword phrase as your username. When you make your profile, make a post related to your blog, remember to use your main keyword in the title, the body text and tags.
Now click on your user URL – something like (just write your username Tumblr writes the rest) and right click on the RSS Feed and Copy Link Location. Then go back to your Friendfeed account paste your URL in the Feed category.

You get my point now right? Make some buzz around your site and copy the RSS Feed into I know – I feel it too – we are getting closer and closer to putting the link building on autopilot right?


Okay you get my point now. Go sign up for and use your main keyword as your username. Edit your profile and include your website URL in the box made for it.

You can also submit your blog, publish your existing articles and write a new post – while linking back to your website – with a desire anchor text. It sounds like music in my ear.





Again a free account. Again use your main keyword as your username. Again create a profile and post a link back to your homepage with your desired anchor text, to your desired web pages. has a PR6 (yes I know – Google doesn’t care much about this theses days).

(I was just told that is no longer accepting new members !!)



Well .. I don’t really have to write what to do now … right? Okay I do it… Sign up, use your mail keywords as your user name, add your blog’s URL to your profile.

Okay time for some new music. I love Paul McCartney, Sting .. And everything from 80s.



Same – set up your profile at and do it all over…



I only became aware of a few weeks ago. Qondio is an incredibly powerful resource for driving web traffic to your websites efficiently. Remember that your content on must be 100% unique, at least 500 words, you are allowed to include a keyword rich anchor text back to your homepage within your profile information. You must submit your blog and confirm you are the owner of Qondio’s verification process.

Qondio will ask other users to screen your article to make sure its high quality. So remember to do unique posts here. Very important..

Wow now we are almost done. I want to make a list of 10. So here are the 2 last ones.



On you can upload videos, photos and submit a unique blog post. So again don’t just copy and past a post. At least to some article spinning…



Get yourself a account. And yes it’s FREE. Here you can submit your blog or website to the the assigned category and write articles. Again unique and you can include up to 3 keywords. Like at the other sites use your main keyword as your username. And btw you can also add your feeds here.


I know to sign up for all theses sites will take some time. I have done it. It took me 2 hours. So now I have a lot of automatic link building back to my site. You can do it too.

And as long as you have your music and coffee you will be fine .. Promise 🙂

Good luck and all the best to you.. As always




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