Let’s get practical – no more talk

Okay, so you think we SEO guys are just talking and talking and no action right?

Well.. Let’s get some action going. Let me show you how I got thousands of  followers from twitter – while I was drinking coffee and was watching videos. Sounds awesome right?

Before getting started, I gotta tell you something about twitter. The max number of followers YOU can follow is either 2,000 or 110% of your followers. Sounds good to me, if you have 10,000 you can follow 11,000 twitter users.  There is no limit of max number of Twitter followers, who can follow you.

So I will tell you my secret… But shh….. Let’s keep this between us – right?

How to get started

In twitter quantity is great – quality is great too. So if you can get a ton of traffic with people that is interested in your subject. Then its all perfectly right. So that’s what we are going to do.

Okay – you make a twitter account. The first thing is to search for somebody who do the same as you. So if you want to make a twitter account writing about used cars – you gotta find another twitter who is writing tweets about used cars.

Find somebody with a lot of followers. You can now see who is following him and you start to follow them. Of course you are hoping that the ones you are following will follow you back right?

Well, until now it’s all been standard stuff. The problem is when you reach 2,000 and you only have 500 who is following you – then you can’t follow anymore. And then you will get no new ones following you back. So what now?

You will have to unfollow the people that don’t follow you back. But it’s much easier to say than to do.

My secret

I use a program called “Tweet Adder”. In this program you can put much of your twitter work on auto pilot. If people don’t follow you back – the program will delete them and start to follow other people. It really is an ongoing story.

The good part is that is all done automatically. Is it that simple – yes it is 🙂

And the result is you get a ton of followers.

Well I am controlling 5 accounts right now – and in a couple of weeks I will have 2.000 followers for each account. So I will have 10,000 followers while drinking my coffee – not bad right?


Well it gets even better than that. I can put the program on autopilot – meaning I can plan when I want the program to send out my tweets, I can do automatic re-tweet. But you have to be careful about putting it all on auto – Twitter really don’t like the auto. So I am only using the auto follow/unfollow of the program.

I have one main account and the 4 other accounts are re-tweeting my tweets. I can do an automatic thx for following messages.

Let me show you some of the demo videos of Tweet Adder

So – that’s how I do – and it really works for me 🙂

Have a great day out there…