Latest SEO tips for your WordPress blog

TheLastestSEOTipsHere, I am going to talk about how you can optimize your WP blog for SEO. Remember there are millions of blogs in cyberspace, to get noticed you need to stand out.



Use the free Google Keyword Tool to generate keywords.

Another option is using Google Instant Search. See what Google suggests when you start typing a word. For example, if you type the word ‘health’, you will probably see suggestions like health tips, health food, health tourism, and so on.

You could type a letter after the keyword, and you will get a list of suggestions.

Try this with several letters to get a list of keywords people are searching for, and you could include some of them in your post.



Make sure you include the keyword in the title tag as search engines will pick it up quickly.

Tags need to be more descriptive than the category. Like if your category is SEO, you can have a tag that says WP SEO. Using common misspellings or variations of words may also help.

For instance, TV, television television, or algorithm and algorithm. Search engines give importance to headings (H1 or H2), so make sure you include them.

The All-In-One SEO Pack is a free plug-in that helps you optimize your blog for SEO.



You can find videos on YouTube that are related to your post, by giving a catchy and unique title and description, and an image.

Search engines love video content, so embedded videos on your site will help it get noticed.


Social Media

Share your blog on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so you can reach a wider audience.

Use a different title for your shared post that is short and catchy, and for SEO purposes you can use a more descriptive and keyword rich title.

Content that is ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ on social media sites are highly approved by Google.


Post regularly

Search engines always sniff out the freshest content.

You can use an update service that alerts other sites when you have new content.

Ping-O-Matic is a default setting but you can manually add more sites in the’ Add Services’ option of the Writing tab.


Analyze and Strategize

Have an analytics tool like Piwik, Google Analytics or Clicky to track the volume and nature of traffic to your site.

You will be able to device strategies to attract more visitors once you have these answers.



Link the various pages and/or posts on your site so that visitors can easily navigate your site and read other blogs you have written, and not just the one they landed on.


Time it right

Post on weekdays and during work hours.

This is the ‘peak hour traffic’ on the web, your post will attract more visitors then.
URLs: keep them short, it’s easier for people to remember and will be processed more quickly by search engines.

In the WP admin panel you can modify your permalink settings.


While it’s imperative to optimize your site, don’t go overboard with it. Keep your blog organic and make sure the content is interesting.


Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for MyTechHelp – a leader in providing support across various product brands and tech devices for individuals and small businesses in need of instant tech help. tech support




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