How You Get the Easiest and Highest Quality Backlinks Fast

BacklinksWe all know it’s not easy getting our high quality backlinks.

The high quality backlinks are do-follow backlinks from pages which have content almost like ours.

You can get backlinks from a lot of social sites – like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – but most of them are no-follow.

There are 2 groups that I advise all B2B companies to start getting backlinks from – Customers and suppliers. If you are a B2C company you can still get backlinks from suppliers’ websites.


So how do you get these backlinks?

Don’t just write them an e-mail asking them for a backlink – most of the time this will not work.


1. Start building your list of likely linkers – remember both groups

  • Ask a department head to help you with your list depending on the size of your company
  • Who are your happiest customers?
  • Where do you buy most of your parts for your product?
  • Do you have a testimonials page or case studies on your website
  • If you have an email club – give a shout for testimonials or case studies. A lot of customers would like to help you. This will help you get contact information to relevant persons/companies
  • Check also your companies customer database/CRM


2. Make the priority list

  • Check out the customer, supplies or vendors’ websites – who has the highest authority?
  • Use an SEO program to help you – like Market Samurai – find out more contact information (remember also the social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), how many Inbound and Outbound links, PageRank, MozRank, Domain Age.
  • You can also use a plugin for your browser to find this information


3. Ask for the link

  • Give them a good reason to link to you – don’t say please – give them an offer they cannot refuse
  • Where on their site do you want them to link to your site?
  • Do they have a testimonial or case list?
  • Do they have a blog or guest blog?
  • Offer them, that they can have an interview with somebody from your company
  • You can also ask for an interview with somebody from their company for your own website – it will show them as expert – and you could ask them to link to that page – maybe from their news section.
  • Most companies have a partner page – so ask to be mentioned on this page


4. Anchor text

  • When asking for a link – remember to suggest an anchor text. This way you will have your main keywords mention in their anchor text.



Start your link building with your customer and supplies. You have a chance to get relevant, high quality, do-follow backlinks.

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Good luck with it. Carpe Diem.






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