How to Use the Google Display Results Instead of the Rank Results

DisplayAndRankThere is a huge difference between Google Ranked Results and the Google Display Results.

Ranking is much more than just ranking these days. Let me show you this example.


Lots of view options
I was typing in the keyword “Fitness”. And look at these results. I have a lot of options to the left. I can choose to see the web, images, maps, videos, news, shopping, blogs or books. So using video on YouTube or other sites for video sharing will improve your ranking in this category.

When uploading a video to YouTube you will therefore not only get a higher ranking in the general search results but also for the search results in the video category.


Time frame option and more…
I can also choose a time frame – so I only see the absolute new pages – the standard is anytime but I can also pick out past hour, past week, past month, past year or use a custom range. These options are one of the reasons why it’s a great idea to have your customer comment on your pages – not in a special blog – but directly on your page. This will keep the page fresh.

And the next options are sites with images, related searches, visited pages, not yet visited pages, dictionary, reading level, personal nearby, custom location.

You get my point – when we think SEO we have to think much more than just the old fashion ranking.


Search Results Page


Local Searches
Searching for the keyword “Fitness” and with my location in New York City I get the map from the local search and a lot of local search results. So SEO is also to get you listed in the local searches right?

If you have a fitness center in New York City it’s not even enough to list your business in the local searches you will also have to make SEO for the local searches. Check it out here.


Google Adwords
And yes – Google Adwords. Google Adwords can be a great tool to generate traffic to your site. But remember to check out the rentability with your Adwords.

I am a big fan of Google Adwords because you only pay when people click on your link. But remember to check out your conversion rates. You can read a lot more about Google Adwords here at


Getting social with Google+
We all know that there is a connection between Social Media and SEO right.

The social media have an increasing influence on the Google Algorithm.

Google is giving a much greater emphasis to the personalized results, at the expense of the more traditional results. The social content, such as Google+ postings and blog posts now appear much more prominently in the search ranking results. The idea is this – if you or your friend Bob – has recommended or liked a page it will get a high ranking in your personalized results.

Google uses social signals as an authority measure. The logic is simple. If you page get more “likes” than your competitors’ page then your page is more trusted by Google and it will then get a higher ranking (all other things equal).

It’s not sure whether Google uses like from all social sites – and which ones that has the most impact on the Google Algorithm. But Google has all data from its Google+ network so Google+ is one of the main players.


Remember there is a huge difference between Ranked Results and Display Results in Google.

When we do SEO we will have to think of both the ranked results but also the displayed results. With the displayed personalized and localized results you can now much easier bring your page to the top of the Google ranking.

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