How To Use “Call To Action” For Your SEO

quastionI think 80 percent of all the websites forget about the “call to action”.

If you are working with SEO – you are trying hard every day to get visitors to the website. You make great content, working hard to get backlinks, working for hours with Social Media to get awareness. All this to get traffic to your site.

But you want your visitors to do something on your site right?

Maybe you want your visitors to sign up for a newsletter (I want you to do that on my site here – sign up here), or you want your visitors to read a special page, to register, to buy something or maybe to bookmark your post .

But don’t forget to make a goal.

Its like you are renting a shop in real life – and …

You don’t just want the people to walk into your shop right?

There are so many websites with great content but the webmaster just pays very little or no attention to their “calls-to-action” when they are designing their pages. And then all the good resources from your search engines ranking is wasted.


The connection between SEO and “call-to-action” 

So you might think – well “call-to-action” is more usability than it is SEO.

And you are are right. Well almost right.

After Google has taken most of the value of PageRank away from its ranking algorithm – it putted more value to the bounce rate. So if you can make the visitor to view more than just one page, you will lower your bounce rate. And that will help your SEO.

But I will say don’t do “call-to-action” because of your bounce rate. Do it because you got to make it easy for your visitors do to want you want them to do…


We don’t read pages we scan

When you design your pages and think of where and how to place your call-of-action – remember when we are browsing the Internet – we are in fact scanning the pages.

Imagine yourself in a fast car – driving 60 miles per hour. And you see a billboard.

What will do you see?

Maybe the picture and the headline. If you think it sounds interesting you might even see there is a phone number. And that’s it right?

Well we also know that people are looking above the fold on the page.

So do a catchy headline and a picture above the fold. And be sure you “call-to-action” stands-out too.


Color of your buttons or supporting elements

Colors can help you to make your “call-to-action” stand out. Colors have different meanings around the world. But in general you can say that…


Red symbolizes: action, confidence, courage, vitality. A classic call to action color. I use the red color for my sign up to my newsletter too 🙂 And the new Google+ button uses the red color too.

Orange symbolizes: vitality with endurance. A combination of aggressive red and cheerful yellow. Perfect call-to-action.

Yellow symbolizes: wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy. Draw attention to your call-to-action. In some countries this color symbolizes cheap and discount.

Green symbolizes: life, nature, fertility, well being.

Blue symbolizes: youth, spirituality, truth, peace.

White symbolizes: Purity, Cleanliness. Gives other colors prominence. Makes your call-to-action stand out if you are using a lot of colors on the rest of your page.

Be sure you use a color that will get attention from the viewer’s eyes. Make it stand out from the rest of the colors used on your page.


Giveaway “call-of-action”

Well if you sign up for my newsletter I will give you my “Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011” with a lot of tips and tricks from all the posts here on from 2011.

That’s a call of action too…


Have a great day out there…




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