How to “Steal” Your Competitors Traffic

SpyPicI want to show a really awesome technic about how you can steal some of your competitor’s traffic and get higher ranking. And the best part is that it’s free.

I am not using any magic or black hat strategy. Yes all is white hat – and still you can steal some traffic to your own site.

Maybe your boss has asked you these questions –where do we get high quality links? How many do we need before getting our high ranking?

With this technique you can very easily and secretly check out how and why your competitor is getting their traffic.

So grab your coffee … ready?


Step 1) The James Bond step
First we are going to play a spy. We need to know why and how your competitor is getting all the traffic.

So we are using some reverse search engine technique.

So I am going to put on my eyeglasses. Well I will need some help from the free software called “SEO SpyGlass”. Just type “SEO SpyGlass” into a Google search and you will find it. Download it so it’s ready for use.


Step 2) Find your competitor
I have this website – and this is a blog about Search Engine Optimization – so I want to outrank the website

You can also just find a top-ranking competitor and try to understand why they are ranking so well.



Step 3) Time to spy

I will write and click next. Now the software will collect search engine data for that website. I will just take a minute or two then you are done.






When it’s done click finish – and say yes when it will ask you if you would like to update your project for backlinks factors now.

If the website you are checking has a lot of backlinks this step can take a few minutes. So get yourself a new cup of coffee now.







Step 4) Investigate your results
Now it’s time to check out the data we found in step one.


Now you can see the backlink page, the anchor text and much more relevant data.



Step 5) Knowledge is power
Now you have the power in your hands. You know which websites that are linked to your competitors website. So now it’s time for some dirty work.

Check out the websites on the list.

Some of the websites could be some kind of an industry list with company names. So be sure you are on the same list.

Maybe there are some blogs where you also can make a comment.

Maybe you should write an email to the owners of some of the websites and ask for a backlink to your website – because you have some relevant information too.

Well I will have to check some of the backlinks now …


Grab this præsentation from Slideshare


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Have a great day out there..
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