How to monetize your blog? Beginners Guide


Most bloggers love to keep the blogging facts under wraps. But I think when you are going to start blogging, your focus should be on monetizing, right? Well, I will disclose the monetizing facts and ways. So, stay motivated for a flawless journey ahead. 

A good quantity of people, day by day, are switching to the blogging industry. Many of them received claps and fame. I think you also have thought of doing something extraordinary to take to the top of success. Blogging thereby can be a better choice for you. If you have yet started or are going to start is not a great matter of concern. You need to know how to monetize blogs.

Through monetizing blogs, you can open various levels of income. Polish the ways after you study this article. So, you never change the module of success. Let’s forward to the forms of blogging monetization. 

Significant Immutable Facts Of Blogs

There are essential things you should know when you start. If you have already started blogging, you may know some. So, let’s see what your pick points are to get started.

 Blogging Purpose

When you write a blog, you put astonishing significant facts into it. For example, if you are writing on travel, you have to show your purpose for this log. It can be your passion for visiting places or for someone whom you are guiding. So, clear your concept in the blog.


Quality is a significant part of content. You should know what readers love. You provide them with that and maintain good quality. When your blog is written using attractive words and modern English, people get attracted to it. Also, you put enough information in the content.


If you want to know how to monetize your blog, you should know about engagement with the readers. You won’t receive the reader’s attention until you create engagement with the readers. 

However, use conversational language and create engagement with the readers. 

How To Monetize Your Blog?

After spending some time in the blogging industry, it is common to think of money. There are dozens of ways you can explore to monetize your blogs. Let’s go through them. Make sure you will follow each of them. In just a few times, you will receive an excellent way to back on stream.

Become Demanding Freelancer

Freelancing is a suitable method of earning money through blogging. Generally, here you don’t need to be concerned about trafficking. Yes, just write for others and also get paid for that. Most famous bloggers in the U.S write blogs in exchange for money. 

Don’t leave the scope of earning a lot. Usually, bloggers earn $50,000 in months. So, you can also reach the same as per your capacity.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a trending method of earning massive amounts in a single month. You can make thousands of dollars. Yes, it is happening each and every time. Generally, the brand owners find affiliates who will write blogs on the products and publish them on their sites. 

Make the best handpick. Generally, e-commerce sellers set backlinks so that readers can directly switch to the main page. So, you write blog products and take a percentage of every selling product. It is one of the effective ways of monetizing your blogs.

Adsense Activation

For those who ask how to monetize your blog, I recommend showing ads in the blogs. Yes, it works. Just a few days ago, an American blogger received $8,000 in a single time. So, I think this would be a good choice for your website.

This could take a few times, from opening an account to activation. Google offers AdSense to earn from showing ads to the readers. This time, it would be the best choice if you show ads to your readers. Through the PPC or Pay-Per-Click, people earn handsome money. So, you develop a website with excellent making every month.

Review Blogs

Social Media Marketing Plan is to grow your blogging sites. It takes more audiences and traffic to your places. Thousands of people read review blogs before they buy something from online stores. For them, review blogs are very relevant. You go through the products, and then you write review articles on them. 

In just a few times, the readers will start reading, and your traffic will also increase. Besides this, keep on following Social Media Strategies

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Secure Sponsorship

Sponsorship is something that helps other sites and brands to grow their business. Definitely, when you sponsor others, you will wear a handsome change. First, you measure how much you want to support other businesses or companies. In fact, if it is a service-providing agency, then also you can go through it. 

You must have a high-trafficking website to promote other companies and brands. If you have no problem, just proceed and earn. But be careful about the sponsorship. You must not harm your readers by sponsoring companies and businesses. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the popular ways of online monetization. Obviously, it does not hit businesses, but it affects other industries. Firstly you have to create the marketing strategies then you will be able to reach your destination. 

Share the blogs you have written previously and also create ads on social media. These all help to gain more traffic to your website. You have to keep up with the frequency of the content. Are you ready? Then proceed with the strategies and monetize your blogs. 

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The Bottom Lines

If you just picked your car, it takes a little time to settle everything. When all is stable, it will start earning by itself. You can make the ways prominent. There is nothing more to do. Polish the steps and wait for the best outcome. 

I have seen people put four/five ads on their blogs to fetch more money. But you should not follow this. For the readers, it goes monotonous and creates a destructive impact on the work. It is best to have money in a standard procedure. Write more and publish.