How to Make the Most Out of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great method to quantify the efficacy of your website in generating inbound traffic and online business.

Knowing how to use these tools can really make a difference between great sales and overwhelming sales. Read on more to know how to use it to greater effect…


# 1: Number of visits

Google Analytics will tell you the volume of visitors to your site per hour. It also shows which sites they are navigating from when they visit your site.

Other demographics like geographical location of the visitors, the language they speak, the frequency with which they visit your site, whether they are using PCs, tablets or Smartphones, and many other factors are analyzed by Google Analytics with just one click by one visitor.


# 2: Visitors’ engagement

Now it is time to measure whether the website held the attention of visitors. You can measure visitor engagement to track:

  • How long each visitor stayed with your site,
  • The number of pages that a visitor read on your website,
  • How many internal links the visitor clicked,
  • How many of the visitors just read the first page and navigated out of it to another site.


# 3: eCommerce activity

Let’s measure how many of the visitors actually transacted an online purchase of your goods and services.

This is not a region or currency specific option. It is a tool that broadly measures website visitor behavior like categories of products that are most commonly purchased from your site, type of registered transactions, shipping options that buyers choose, etc.

This will give you an insight into what sells, where it goes and how they pay so that you can market goods accordingly.


# 4: Goals for each page

Visitor behavior can tell us a lot. Where do the visitors usually come from? Have they clicked a backlink to your site from a social networking site, blog or a reciprocal link?

How long has a page sustained the visitors’ attention is also another factor that can be measured.

How they navigate between different pages of a website will tell Google Analytics what their likes and dislikes.

Once behavior patterns of potential customers are quantified, the information can be used to plan targeted marketing strategies.

You can also track events like the number of clicks on an image or video on your website.

This will tell you something about your potential clients and what attracts them. Suppose your video has a lot of hits, you can even create a separate marketing video and launch it free of cost on YouTube. These same visitors are bound to be YouTube buffs.

Those who click more often on internal links that have catchy words and phrases are usually the ones who take the time to read.

Now you can plan your marketing and launch it on sites that will produce more inbound traffic and online sales.


# 5: Customizing your Google Analytics report

There are innumerable ways in which you can customize the report. You can set it for obtaining specific information on:

  • The ratio between number of visitors and number of transactions,
  • Number of first time visitors and how long they stayed with your site,
  • Did the first time visitors navigate to any of the internal pages,
  • Did the first time visitors get interested enough to buy something online,
  • How long each page takes to load on different browsers,
  • Page-wise volume of sales if different products are on different pages, and more.

You can customize your Google Analytics tool to suit your company’s products and services so that you can understand visitor behavior and plan your marketing strategies accordingly.


 Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for – The Nation’s Lowest All-Digital Price Provider. dish tv packages


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