How to Make Lead Generation using Social Media

The ultimate goal for companies evolving in social media is leads – really rock steady, solid lead right?  And it doesn’t matter if we are talking B2B or B2C.

So grab your cup of coffee – ready?

To do a serious job we will have to talk lead management.

leadThis will allow you to track why and how people are generating interest in you and your product and how you will track them through your sales funnel. Its really simple – it will tell you why your potential customers came to your site, what they were looking for, how they behave  on your site. And who you actually do make a sale too.


Make a plan

So put first thing first. Make a plan. Go and write down on a piece of paper the process you want people to do. If you are selling a high complex expensive product, you can’t just make a Google Adwords ad and lead them to your basket right? They will proberly wanna know something about the offer, something about you, why they should buy from you and not your competitor. So make a written plan and review it on a regular basis.

In a lot of companies there is a sales department and a marketing department. So after marketing has done its job and made some leads they are will stop tracking the potential customer. Its important that the sales department and the marketing department sit down and discuss what a good lead is. Which criteria should be fulfilled before a sales lead is passed on to the sales department. And its important that the marketing department get a feedback from sale. Which of the sale leads did make a buy and which of the sales leads didn’t make it. So marketing will be able to  deliver better and better leads along the way.


Online and offline

Online and offline are not so different. If you are attending a trade show and get a lot of potential sales leads. You want the sales department to start with the most important ones right? Let say you have got 200 sales leads from a trade show. And you only have 2 sales people. So also here you will need some criteria. Who would you contact first?

If you are gathering leads from internet – your website. You want know how the people found your site. And from which source. Lets say you are using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and sending emails from your email club. Maybe you are spending  12 hours a week on Twitter and only 30 min on LinkedIn but you discover that 99 percent of the sale comes from LinkedIn. So be sure to check what is working and what is not working for your company.

If a social network like Twitter its not working don’t just leave the social network. Do some tests. Maybe change your strategy, use another landingpage, user other sales arguments and so on.


Qualifiable leads is the new black

Remember its not always important to measure how many leads you will get from your social media, but your should rather measure how many of the leads which are qualifiable. We all want great leads right?



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