How to Keep Yourself Inspired to Write the Best Articles Every Day

Blog2Creating a successful blog requires writing new posts on a consistent basis. On top of that, the posts have to be interesting, unique, and compelling. You can’t just phone it in and expect it to land with your customers.

Yet constantly coming up with ideas for new posts that meet all those criteria can be a challenge. You can fall prey to writer’s block or to simple routine. Finding ways to stay inspired is essential to helping you keep your blog interesting and to make it successful.

When you’re feeling stuck in a rut with your blogging routine, here are a few tips to help you feel inspired to write the best articles you can every day:


Read Blogs You Love

Reading other blogs that we love and admire can be just the trick to remind us why we started blogging in the first place. It can also help us to see issues in a new light and to find inspiration for new content.

Maybe a blogger you like suggests a provocative change of policy. You might write a rebuttal. Or maybe a blogger you like will write a post that teaches you something new. You may now have a whole new area of discussion to explore.

You never know what others may inspire you to write. Make it a habit to read your favorite bloggers — or writers — every day.


Carry a Notebook

You never know when inspiration will strike. Carry a notebook to make sure you’re ready when it does.

Keep a notebook to jot down ideas for posts, bits of information you want to explore, a few lines that you want to include in a post, or any other information that occurs to you that you might be able to use on your blog later.

Whenever you are short on ideas, you can refer to the notebook for inspiration.


Take Breaks

Sometimes even the things you love can start to seem like work when you do them all the time or when you feel pressured to complete them in order to meet a goal.

When you reach this place with your blogging, it might be time to take a break in order to recharge and remind yourself why you love blogging.

Your break does not have to be a long one.

You can take a day off or even a week.

You can put your blog on pause during that time, or you can fill it with guest posts while you are gone.

Taking the time off can help you to get a fresh perspective and to come back to your blogging with new energy and new passion.


Do Other Things You Love

A break doesn’t always have to be a literal one. Sometimes, you just need a mental break.

Step away from your computer and spend some time doing something else you love to do, such as read a book, see a movie, or exercise with a friend.

Doing other things you enjoy will re-energize you and help you to reset your focus.

You may find that the change of mental scenery inspires you, or it may just give you the energy you need to return to you work and to brainstorm new ideas.

Blogging can be hard work.

The daily grind of it can start to be tedious and rob you of your inspiration.

When you are feeling like you just don’t have any new ideas or anymore energy to find them, try a few of these tips to get inspired and to try again.

How do you stay inspired to write the best blog posts every day? Share your tips for success in the comments!


Sarah Clare is a writer and oversees the site, where she has recently been researching project tracking software. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys cooking and scrapbooking.



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