How to Get the Best Traffic and Conversion Through Cross Media Marketing?


How are consumers and visitors reaching your page? Which search media is guiding visitors or directing them to your page? These are questions that you must find the answer to so that you can utilize your maximum marketing efforts to harness the power of those search media. Search engines and mobile surfing have their contributions in bringing visitors to your pages. However, they only contribute to one portion of the visitors coming to your site.

There are many more ways of searching, and social media, review sites, directories, and blogging, all have their contributions in bringing targeted visitors to your landing page. You must find out which one works the best for you so that you utilize more marketing efforts on using those mediums the best for attracting clients.

Traffic does not ensure great conversion rates

Two things are there that you must understand as soon as possible. One is that, when you get heavy traffic on the page, then this does not ensure great sales and great conversion rates of the viewers to customers. The next thing is when your site ranks the number one or has a good rank or position in search engine results pages, then this also in no way guarantees good conversion rates or good business.

However working on marketing with a closer overview of how and where things are clicking, and building landing and product pages with the best features and looks helps boost sales and utilize all the traffic that you are getting. Hence the focus should be more on discovering the best marketing techniques where you get targeted consumers than to rank higher. Again you must also focus on developing better landing pages so that your traffic stays on the page, explores the page, and gets converted into consumers or members.

Fragmented audience behaves differently

Another important point to realize is that there are so many search media out there on the web, which are being used by diverse people in diverse ways that each media contributes to traffic to your site in some way lesser or greater. And this means you are getting traffic from various and diverse channels. And the people using one sort of media falls into one category, which is completely different from the mass using another form of media. For example, those who are coming to your site via review sites are different from them who are coming to the search via Instagram. Hence, you will find prominent behavioral and psychologicaldifference in the way the traffic reacts to the site, explores, navigates and operates the site, and uses the site.

The amount of time a user gives to the site and spends on the page would also vary depending on which channel or source the user came through to the site. All these things matter highly in scrutinizing the best channels for getting traffic to your site. If you discover from the analysis, that your site is getting more traffic through source where conversion rates are feeble, and on the other side fewer traffic it’s getting via another source is showing the best and highest conversion rates, then it’s sensible to focus on getting more traffic from the latter search media source.

However such analysis and reacting upon that makes the whole job quite tough which you may not be able to handle all on your own. This requires much in-depth analysis and calculations. And such jobs are best handled by Online Impact Search Marketing experts.

Search engines are not the end of the story

Search engine results do dominate the traffic gaining efforts and marketing, but they are not everything. Investing time, effort, and strategy into reviews social media sites, social sharing of things, podcasts, guest posting, directory submissions, etc., all have their role individually besides search engines to bring traffic to your site.

Cross-media marketing is the next big leap

You need the power of cross-media search marketing to capture the audience from diverse sectors and bring them to your site. Cross-media search marketing is an effective technique, where you exert your marketing efforts into all possible media, and see which is yielding a good result. This way you will not concentrate on only SEO and only search engine marketing, and would rather utilize the time and effort on other things also which may turn out to be a big factor for success.

You need professional help here

Cross-media marketing is not that easy for the beginner, and also not for everyone whoever wants to try hands-on marketing as a DIYer. It needs a lot of calculations, focus, awareness of diverse media, and utilization of the same. That is why you would need professional assistance here.

The secret lies in targeting the right users

When you surf through and try the various available media options for your website’s marketing, then you also try contacting the various types of web users. This exposes you to people of various preferences. And hence you increase your chances of being seen. And the secret of marketing lies in understanding who is your customer, who can be your customer, and what a customer wants. If you can crack these things gradually by experimenting and using the diverse forms of search media options, then soon you will know where you are getting your best customers and visitors from. This will lead you to use those platforms even creatively and better.


The best search marketing is no that which brings you rank or shows your site on the number one of a listing. The best search marketing is that which brings you business through targeted traffic. And to get that kind of response from your marketing you need collaboration with experts who have proved their expertise in search marketing with deep impact in every media and arena. The best search marketing team can bring you extreme success by generating leads for you, increasing your revenue, increasing your subscribers, and helping you stay ahead of rivals in ranking and product sales both.