How to Get Dynamic Twitter Pictures

coffeeMugTwitter is becoming an increasing important source for traffic for many websites. I get around 10 percent of my traffic from Twitter.

Maybe you are showing how many followers you have on your website – but why not show a picture of all your followers?

And why not make it dynamic because a lot of people will unfollow you every day and new people will start to follow you.

So let me show this little trick, so you can show your Twitter followers on your website. I have used my twitter account HenrikSandbergJ.

I was thinking of getting a mug with the pictures on it too.

You will get the dynamic twitter images from Twitter Mosaic Tool. This tool will let you create your own wallpaper of your followers or your Twitter friends.

You can also remove some of the pictures from your wallpaper if you don’t like the picture.

After you made the wallpaper you can grab the code and do the implementation on your own website. Like I have done here below.

You can also use the wallpaper to create a Coffee Mug, iPhone Case, T-Shirts, Bag or Mause Pad. Really awesome I think.

But if you just want to use the code to show your Twitter followers images – it’s all free.

All the best to you,


Get your twitter mosaic here.