How to find your keywords… hmm

Keyword Research OriginalWell…. So many potential keywords. Where to start… Well if I was Columbus (do you know that TV show?) I would follow the money.

Let me go step by step in showing you what to do in getting the right keywords for your website. Okay did you get your coffee? If yes.. Let’s start…


1. First of all find the most relevant keywords for your business. If you are in the business of selling cars. Your relevant keyword is a car. But if you can make it more clear – it will work much better for you. Maybe your real business is Used Cars. So be as precise as possible.

One way to to find keywords and get ideas is to go to the Google Keywords Tool. Try it now. Type in the words Used Cars – and suddenly you will get over 100 new ideas. Easy right?

Now take away all the keywords that is not relevant for your business. Google doesn’t know everything (wow did I  write that – lol).


2. Second be sure that your SEO keywords get enough traffic. Maybe you have found your perfect SEO keyword but nobody is really looking for that. You could have found “Used hybrid cars for families with dogs” (yes I know its long – but I had to come up with something).

The traffic for that phase is just to small. So how do you check the traffic? Well the Google Keywords Tool is helping you here too. You can check how much traffic there is on the internet.


3. Competition is important. Many you have found that the best keyword is “Used Cars” – very very relevant and tons of traffic. But I am afraid you will get a problem. There are a lot of companies selling used cars – and a lot of them already have a lot of traffic, backlinks and so on. So it will be very hard for you to get on the first page when people are searching for used cars. So you will have to check out the top 10 companies using that word phrase.

There are different programs on the internet that can tell you about the competition. I use a program called Market Samurai. Here you can quickly check out if there are companies on the market that are relative new, who has few backlinks, low page rank and so on. In other words – can you make it to the first page on Google (or other search engines).

Another could be SEO Power Suite. (Please write back to me if you know other programs and the best are FREE programs of course).

How to check competition in Market Samurai

Check competition, market samurai


Try the Market Samurai for free by clicking on the banner below here 🙂

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Now we are almost there. We only need to check one more thing. Do you still have coffee in the cup?


4. The last good thing to check is Commerciality. And why? Well maybe you have found a perfect relevant keyword with a ton of traffic and you can see that you can make it to the first page – BUT … (Yes yes I know there’s always a BUT also in this world lol).

Is the word worth anything. What are companies paying to get high on Google Adwords. If you have found a word that people would pay a lot of money for you have found you Gold. And why is this important. Because companies will never pay for a word then they can sell and make money for. So if people are buying a word for … Hmm…. 10 dollars (yes I know that was high) they must make more money then 10 dollars for a click right?

I wasn’t going to write this much… I hope I didn’t lose you … Lol….. Yes yes I know your coffee is cold – sorry for that.





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