How to use social media for B2B


How to use social media to influence B2B group buying descision.

Often when we talk about social media and to get traffic, its all about the consumer – the individual. But how can we use the social media to influence the group buying decisions in the B2B market?

The biggest different in the B2B market is that it is a group decision. In most cases you will have a buyer, potential team of people who will review the potential buyer and often a senior level person who has to approve the purchase right?

B2B marketers mostly use the BIG 3 – with LinkedIn (73%), Facebook (71%) and Twitter (67%). Right behind theses BIG 3 you have a YouTube (48%), blogging (44%) and online communities (22%). So get in the game guys.

Let me present to you 5 different things you have to consider as you create social media content targeted to the B2B group buyers.


Unique Benefits

Be rock steady in how you stand out from your competitors. What makes you and your product unique, and what will make a difference if the B2B buyer choose your product.


Competitive information

Don’t fool yourself and think that the buyer won’t check out the market. He will get information, he will find the other products, he will find the prices. So provide your information and highlight the areas where your company is better than your competitors. Position yourself ahead of your competitors.



Tell the potential buyer why your company and product will save money, time or other resources for the buyer. Maybe your product is easier to use, maybe the buyer can get the product tomorrow and not next week, maybe your product will require less training. Make sure your potential buyer know the value of your offer.


Need to share

Your potential buyer needs to share the information with others in their organization. So provide them with great materials, so you are in control of the presentation and you make sure they will know all the benefits of your products. You can provide them with one/sheet takeaways, PowerPoint slides or video.

The Sales cycles are longer in the B2B marked then in the B2C marked because it’s a group decision. So get in the game, and be sure your potential buyers know the benefits of your product.

Give me a comment.. How do you use social media in your B2B marketing?

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