How to Build a WordPress Customer Database (For Free, In 3 Steps)

If you run a business, it is a brilliant idea to maintain a database that has the information of your customers. If you have to deal with so many clients or customers, tracking their daily data from a convenient place can be highly paying. At this point, the best WordPress Database Plugins come in handy. 

A database is a centralized place for collecting data. You use it to take note of all the crucial information about your clients and their transactions. The applications of WordPress database plugins go for beyond a simple organization. 

For instance, you can track when your customers made their last purchase and use the information that you get to plan your email marketing campaign. This article will help you understand the various uses of WordPress customer database. 

You will learn how you can build your own WordPress customer database in three easy steps. The most important thing that you need to use is the Participants Database 

Uses of WordPress Customer Databases

A customer database may be anything that ranges from a simple ledger that has the basic customer information to the sophisticated software which integrate with the other platforms and automate record keeping. 

The database allows you to organize your data and access it effectively regardless of the format. A customer database has so many applications but they are so useful in service websites or e-commerce. If you are in any of these disciplines, you may wish to setup one for yourself. 

WordPress allows you to log some of the data of your users like emails by default. However, if your customer base is solid, you may wish to get a solution that is more comprehensive. You will save a lot of time and eliminate the need for 3rd party tools that don’t integrate with your website when you have the right WordPress customer database in place. The secret is identifying the best WordPress Database Plugins to help you implement your project. 

Creating a WordPress Customer Database in 3 Steps

In this guide, we will be using the participants Database Plugin. It is one of the best WordPress Database Plugins because it is user-friendly and straightforward. 

The participants Database users can store information about virtually everything in general and is not limited to clients. This is possible because this plugin is incredibly flexible in almost everything that it tracks. 

You can be able to configure literally all fields that you use in storing your data. You will also be in a position to utilize the search feature to get information and export your data when necessary. Make sure you install and activate this plugin properly. 

  • Configure the Participants Database Plugin

Participants Database has several settings but you should just care about a few of them right now. Go to the new Participants Database icon from the dashboard and then access the settings page. From here, choose the Admin settings button. 

Choose the order in which you would like to display the database entries. The plugin will display your records from the newest to the oldest by default. However, there are also other options like the alphabetical order. 

You may also prefer to enable horizontal scrolling for the WordPress customer database. It all depends on the number of fields that you will be adding on your customer database. 

The last thing to do is configuring the people who can access the database. The plugin enables users who have the editor role and above by default to remove and add entries. However, you may choose to limit this permission to the admins alone if that is your wish. 

You can also allow editors to export your database in the form of CSV file depending on the type of information that you are handling. Either way, don’t forget to save your changes once you are done. 

  • Manage Your Database Fields

Think of the WordPress customer database either be one big table or several of them. It tells you that you will have to configure the fields that it contains. Participant’s database comes with a broad range of preset fields out of the box. Some of them include personal photographs, phone numbers, and addresses. 

You can add new fields to the customer database to help you track additional information. Go to the tab of ‘manage database fields’ under the participant’s database and search for the option of ‘add field’ at the top. 

Select a title for the new field and then click on the button on ‘Add Field.’ Scroll downwards to the bottom to locate your new entry and the assign it to a group. You also need to choose the type of field that it should be. 

There are so many options that are available like the simple text field, multiple selections, and checkboxes. The field type that you choose should fit the kind of information that you wish to gather. You are also free to make changes to the default fields. 

There are three options for the group of your field which include the admin, personal, and main. The admin has the information that you alone should have access. The second is limited to info that is more personal like photographs and ID numbers. The main one encompasses most of the common customer data. 

  • Add New participants to the WordPress Customer Database

By now, your WordPress customer database is up and running and has all the fields that you require. The lasting thing to do is add information to the database. Remember you are setting up a private database and hence you need to setup this step by hand. To start off, go to the participant database and then click on the ‘Add participant tab.’ 

Once you get in, fill in the appropriate fields and leave the others blank as per your needs. Once you are through, click on submit to go back you your database and view your new entry. The best WordPress Database Plugins have these functionalities. 

When you wish to view your database, go to the ‘participant database’ tab and click on ‘list participants.’ It will allow you to sort your records depending on the fields that you enable. If you want to export the database as a CSV file, just click on ‘Download CSV’ at the bottom of the page.

You can go on and add the entire customer list to your new database. In case your situation is unique and you want customers to create their entry by themselves, you can use the short code to display the signup form. 


You will be able to create a great WordPress customer database when you have a better understanding of your customers. The best way of tracking your information is using the best WordPress Database Plugins. You can use the above three steps to create the best database for your customers. 

Author Bio: Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Viacon, a digital marketing agency that drive visibility, engagement, and proven results. He is a passionate blogger and blogs at Search Engine Magazine.