How small businesses can use mobile marketing

iphoneMobile marketing is all the rage these days, and there are an infinite number of ways a small business can capitalize on it.

Mobile marketing has many meanings and variations, but the most common these days is marketing via a mobile device like a cell phone or iPad device.

The point of mobile marketing is to advertise your small business through the use of applications, text messages, and any other combination of digital sounds, texts and images in order to reach a potential customer wherever they may be.

These days, advertising is a whole different ballgame, and the traditional forms of advertising- while still effective- are becoming obsolete, as the internet and mobile technology have made it easier for small businesses to control all of their marketing on their own, without the use of a middleman (like a print newspaper, flyers, billboards, radio and television.)

Not only is marketing cheaper with the advent of mobile marketing in the digital age, but in many ways it is also cheaper and more efficient. With mobile marketing, it is also easier to track how effective the marketing campaign actually is, because you can receive real time data as it becomes available.

Now, you can know how many people have seen the marketing advertisements, and how many have actually followed through with the call to action in the marketing campaign.


1. SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is probably the most efficient and effective way to harness the power of mobile marketing for a small business.

Essentially how SMS marketing works, is that a customer will sign-up for a sort of newsletter, that will then be sent to their phone via text messaging.

At the very least, SMS marketing can resemble cold calling, except that the customer has to opt in first and provide their cell phone number in order for it to work, and, it’s the very most, SMS marketing is a great way to stay in touch with past and present customers, and may be effective in attracting new ones to your small business.

Studies have shown that more than 90% of SMS marketing messages are opened up and viewed within the first 5 minutes of sending them, so if done correctly, this can be a huge asset for any small business owner.


2. Google it up
Google is one of the greatest resources for any small business. The best way to utilize Google is to take advantage of the Google Places app, to make sure your business is high-up in Google search inquiries and to use their advertising model in order to offer customers deals, coupons and other special perks via Google.


3. QR Codes
With the dissemination of Smartphones, having a QR code can be very beneficial. These will allow a customer to scan a barcode-like object with their Smartphone, which can access special deals and coupons relating to your business- or guide them to your business’ web page.


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