How local businesses can use QR codes in marketing

QRHave you ever noticed those little black modules that are positioned in a square pattern on a white background on some pages of the magazine and even at the back of your favorite beauty product?

Well, it’s called the QR code which is short for Quick Response Code, what exactly is a QR code? It is a popular two dimensional barcode that was invented by Denso Wave in 1994 to scan parts at high speed, but now QR codes are widely used in social media, advertising, businesses and many more.

Below are some of the examples how QR code can be effective in promoting your local business.


QR codes on business cards
Business cards are one of the easiest ways to advertise your business by integrating and utilizing your own QR code.

There are plenty of examples of varied styles that manage to take advantage of the code as a style factor as well.


QR codes in your website:
QR codes can make your own website more accessible on mobile devices.

With smart phones overtaking online functions, it is critical that you are making your website as user-friendly or mobile friendly as you can.

QR codes used in websites enable your trusty mobile phone to easily get in touch with websites without experiencing the complicated approach of getting the URL into that small framed mobile web browser.

With the use of QR codes, it is possible to provide your prospective customers access to the right information easily on their mobile device by simply scanning the QR Code from a print out media or on the display screen.

With different competitors in e-commerce, producing the product or service information accessible to the customers through these little codes will be very useful. Consumers are likely to pursue products that provide them more descriptive facts in an easily accessible way.


QR code for twitter:
Twitter is one of the best ways to promote a local business. Putting QR code on your Twitter will definitely boost your followers and your business.
Having a Twitter QR code, you may also make use of twitters text update service.

For those who have not heard about this Twitter enables individuals to subscribe to your updates via text message so whenever you put a brand new Twitter update everyone who subscribed to text changes will get a text alert.

This is an effective service that could be frequently incurred for from other text message advertising businesses.



QR codes in print ads:

Print ads are one of the most influential ways of promoting your business. Putting QR Codes in magazines, newspapers, brochures or flyers can provide quick access to your website so customers will have quick access to your website.

QR codes can be considered as one of the most intelligent inventions in terms of advertising, people who would like to promote their business can take advantage of integrating QR codes in whatever way they would like to promote their business with, the inbound marketing firm can provide us a lot of ideas on disseminating information about our business using QR codes.

QR codes can definitely call a customer’s attention by just simply scanning your code.



Author Bio:- Sunny Popali is SEO Director at Tempo Creative is an Arizona Inbound Marketing firm that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.



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