How is newsletter important in content marketing?

A newsletter is another form of sending email to your potential customers. A company publicizes and releases its relevant information, news, articles to its clients. It is cost-effective and is also a great way of spreading your message to your audience.

Some tips for creating an email newsletter

Here are a few tips for creating the best newsletter for your business and organization.

Figure out your newsletter’s goal

Try to figure out what purpose you want to achieve through your newsletter. Your newsletter should generate leads? Or want to achieve more email contacts of your customers? Or create traffic on your website? Then only the rest of the decisions will flow on its own. Keep in mind that your newsletter should be more closely tied to your business goals rather than focusing on how many numbers of people viewed it.

Collect all your content

Once your goal is set, and then you will be able to find the content too. Try not to waste time before your next release. While researching or browsing, you may think the content would fit your requirement when suddenly you stumble upon some content start implementing. However, always remember that you can gather content by following your company’s profile. Such as in social networking sites, company blog, lead-generation content, internal newsletter, and also through training documents.

Template design

Try to get an idea and ensure how your template will look before writing content. In that way, you will be able to figure out how much space is required for your content. This factor is crucial as either you have to squeeze in with your content to fit into limited space.

Try to make your template attractive with minimal content and color formatting. Avoid flashy designs; it should be very easy and simple reading for your customers. According to data, it shows that more than 50% of users open their email through mobile, so your template should also be very mobile-friendly. Very few people open through the desktop. 

Newsletter size

Most people open their emails though various devices. Try to fit your newsletter in the universal standard size 600px wide, with an email body in 30 px wide. If you are not so familiar with designs, you can visit Designmodo newsletter template builder. You can also set a standard height as per the needs. Try to limit your users to scroll the template for not more than five seconds.

Personalize your newsletter

You can personalize with your customers by adding personal notes and smart content. You can segment your content to the group of people who you are close to. You can have quick conversion rates of your personalization notes are supported by marketing software.

Choose wisely your subject line

If your customers’ receives email from a real person, it signifies more. In that way, your recipients will not be confused as to why they have received such emails.

Make sure that your newsletter opens up in all browsers. So you need to do a testing phase in all browsers and email providers.