How Graphic Designers Can Create Captivating Book Covers?

CoverDesignThe key to a successful book cover design is knowing what will work, and what won’t.

It is true that the wrapping of a novel or a short story collection helps in its promotion. In simpler words, it acts as an effective promotional tool.

Graphic designers who create amazing covers bewilder audience with their artistic prowess. Designing for a fast paced mystery, an adventure thriller or a romantic novel is not child’s play and requires sound knowledge of commercial art. Colors, graphics, texts and images need to be used with precision and meticulousness.


Focus on The Theme

Be it fiction or non-fiction, it centers around a concept or theme and the binding should aptly describe that concept. Yes, it is the binding that attracts a reader’s attention to a fictional piece or otherwise. Do not make the mistake of cramming the front page with too many components, illustrations and images.

A professional should think of the book like a billboard that tries to attract the attention of the people passing by. Keep in mind the following aspects before you start working:

  • The theme and the subject
  • The genre
  • An idea of the style or tone of the published document. The above pointers would help one to come up with creative ideas. Are you designing for a thriller? Or is it a historical account or biography? The answers to these questions will help a graphic artist in producing quality output.


How Will It Look on Web Sites?

The book should also look equally impressive on web pages. Therefore, consider the design aspects carefully so that it also impresses the online audience.


Photos that Explain

There is no need to be too real while working on the cover. Look for visuals that communicate the overall tone, style and mood of an omnibus. Pictures included should connect well with the context. The type of images you choose also depends on the subject. If it is on a spiritual topic or related to self-help, then visuals of nature would be relevant.

On the other hand, a treatise on history should have historical illustrations and pictures. Author photographs should be avoided if the writer is not a renowned and celebrated personality.


The Title Should be in Large Font

Besides the color, images and graphics, it is the title of the novel that grabs instant attention. Therefore, it should be created using large and noticeable fonts. You can also add some special effects to the letters like like embossing to enhance the visual appeal.


Matching Artwork

The artwork that you create should match with the theme and content of the text. Consider the murder mysteries of Agatha Christie. She was not an author who emphasized on the gory details. Her works are more related to the complexities of the characters and plot. However, several publishers focused more on showing blood oozing out of human mouth or knitting needles protruding from human heads.

Such depictions might create sensation, but will disappoint readers who enjoy reading about intricate plots. They will stay away as the cover creates a wrong impression that the book includes excessive gruesome details.

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