Hot Tip – Get Better Offline sale from Adwords

Do you know about the brand new ”click-to-teleport ad extensions”?

Which this extension in your ad you can now show your customers not only the closest location – but also the location with the best conversion rate.

The other day Google Adwords did a great new update – Click-to-Teleport Ad Extensions.

This will enable searchers “Click-to-Teleport shortens the offline conversion funnel by allowing a user to teleport directly to your business location by clicking on your search ad“. Google Adwords Click-To-Teleport

This is how it looks like.















(picture from Google)


You will have 3 options for your “Click-to-Teleport Ad Extensions“

1) Optimize for closest location
2) Optimize for conversions
3) Rotate evenly

If you pick the “optimize for closest location” this will be the least disorienting one for your visitors and this will help you to maintain a local feeling.

Optimize for conversion will direct your visitors to the location where customers are most likely to convert.

If you choose ”rotate evenly” it will as the name says – rotate evenly amoung your business locations.

“Click-to-Teleport Ad Extensions“ is not the only extra link you can use in Google Adwords.


Show sitelink to your pages from your website from Google Adwords

Maybe you have seen the sitelinks when you are searching on Google.















With theses extra links to your site you can let your customers quickly see and clik to a specific page of your website. So you customers don’t have to click around.

For every click your customers have to click you will loose some of them. Some of the customers might want to see your menu, some of your customers are only interested in your phone number. Maybe some people are interested in your store location only. So give the people some different options.

Its also very easy to update your sitelinks whenever you want to. And you will keep your ads and keywords and still have your ad up-to-date for your sale.


This is how you activate and create your sitelinks

  1. sign in to your Adword account
  2. choose your campaigns tab click +New Campaign
  3. Scroll down to the “Ad extensions” section
  4. Check the box next to sitelinks – Extent my ads with links to sections of my site
  5. enter your link text and your destination URL – you can add up to 10 sitelinks per campaign
  6. Click Save and continue.

Remember to keep the link text short and precise.


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