Higher the Moz Rank, Higher the Top Rank on Google; Myth or Reality?

At present a large number of population involved in online marketing and search engine optimization due to its benefits. With this profession people are earning money by sitting at their homes. 

With the increase in search engine optimization there is a huge competition among them to make their name and place in the market and remain prominent on search engine optimization. To facilitate the users to see where their website is standing there are various tools that help them to calculate it. One of these tools is Moz Rank. 

Moz Rank

A scale to measure the popularity score of your website as compared to other websites is known as the Moz Rank. A useful tool for all the digital marketers and research engine optimizations experts to measure the status of their website on Google. Actually this Moz Rank is based on the webpages a website has. The higher ranking of the linking webpages of a website, the higher would be your website’s Moz Rank. For measuring your SEO progress, it is the most effective and strong tool you will find online.

Benefits of Moz Rank

Moz Rank performs all the functions and has all the features a search engine optimization expert is looking for an online SEO tool. Organic traffic analysis, keyword tracker, offsite and onsite SEO, and backline analysis. The best part of this software is that you can keep a close eye on your competitor. It gives you enough information about your competitor that helps you to identify the areas to improve and work on to compete with it. 

How to measure your Moz Rank?

To get a top place in the search engine it is important to know the Moz Rank of your site and your competitor. For ranking this you need to measure and compare it according to your target keywords. To measure this the primary knowledge that, you need is the Moz Rank of your website and your opponent’s page. For finding the answers Moz Rank checker is used. To use Moz Rank checker you do not need any rocket science it is really simple and easy. 

As you just need to copy the URL of your page into the box and click on the “Check Rank” you will get the answer. Now seeing the Moz Rank you required for the top position you will take the above website’s URL and check them to see their score. 

Through this, you will see what score you required for being at the top position on the search engine. You do not need to measure them one by one. Just open the top 10 webpages that appear at the top of search engine and copy and paste their URLs and hit the check rank icon. 

All the results will appear on your window beside their link. It will help you to understand your position. For example, if your webpage’s Maz Rank score is 1.9 and the score of the websites on the top are 5, 4.8, 4.2, 3, and so on. It will give you a clear picture and will help you to set your goal. 

How it helps you to improve your SEO?

With the checker, you not only get the Moz Rank score it also helps you in other dimensions to improve your SEO by highlighting the issues or problems that are the hurdle in getting you at the top position.  Whether your page is properly indexed or not? Is your page is optimized properly for your target keyword? Or the pages of your opponents have higher domain or quality backlinks and page authority. 

You get all these details and it not only gives you these details but also helps you to sneak in your competitor’s pages and monitor their backlinks to improve your own page. Sometime Moz Rank didn’t show some page links but its ok. You can take an idea and can search them on your own. You can also monitor your target keyword as well to monitor the backlinks. 

How to improve your Moz Rank?

Improving the Moz Rank score is not difficult anymore. With some simple and easy methods, you can increase it as it helps you to be at the top of the search engine. One and the foremost factor is the high-quality backlinks. The internal linking incorporation in all the pages of your site whether it has 8 pages or 10 pages is very effective for boosting the Moz Rank. Your every post on each page must have the links. 

The backlink is an element that increases your Moz Rack with a high speed but one thing you should keep in mind that these Moz Rank must be high in quality. Because quality matters a lot. Although, in Moz Ranking quantity matters a lot of quality cannot be compromised. 

Higher Moz Rank, Higher the top rank on Google:

As mentioned above the Moz Rank helps you to get the top position on the search engine like Google. It is a dream of an online marketer or search engine optimization expert to see his website or webpage at the top search results. 

Now you can easily fulfill your dream by measuring your Moz Rank and your competitor’s score. It helps you in different dimensions even to increase the Moz Rank. As it is a software to measure search engine optimization its higher score means higher chances to get the top rank on Google. 

Final words:

In recent times when besides all the difficulties and hurdles the SEO business is growing rapidly. And to calculate them and measure them various software are available in the market to facilitate SEO experts like Moz Rank. It is not a myth that SEO professionals are taking help from this Moz Rank to make their websites higher in the Moz Rank score to get one of the top positions on Google. Yes, it is true that the higher the Moz Rank, higher your chances to have heavy traffic on your site by taking the top position on the search engine.