High Quality Backlinks – Easy, Free and Instant

chainI have some good news for you guys out there.

Building backlinks can be a very time consuming process. You will have to search for relevant tropic, contact the sit site owner, maybe do some guest blogging, article marketing or do some commenting on blogs.

The good news is that I have found some high quality and authoritative websites for you. So no more talk – let’s start doing some serious backlink building – fast, easy, free and instant.

I think it will take you around 1 day to build your profiles on theses sites. But it will give you a lot of juice for the future.

When I talk about dofollow/nofollow remember that it’s Google codes. Not all the search engines are using these codes. Some of the search engines following all links 🙂



  • PR6
  • Nofollow/Dofollow and trust and authority
  • After you have made your profile, you can email About.us and request a dofollow. I have just made the request for a dofollow. So I hope they work fast. Gains PageRank when backlinks are built to link to it.


  • PR8
  • Dofollow and trust and authority
  • Search your domain name through Alexa and build a backlink to direct crawlers to your site’s info page in Alexa


  • PR8
  • Nofollow but pass trust and authority
  • Write your company profile page – and you are done here. I still need to do my company profile page for SeoCustomer


  • PR9
  • Dofollow and trust and authority
  • We all know YouTube. I still need to do some video.


  • PR8
  • Dofollow and trust and authority
  • Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects of interest. Squidoo had 1.5 million hand-built lenses as of October 2010. Write a page and include your link with anchor text to your website (use the bio section)


  • PR9
  • Nofollow but trust and authority
  • We all know Twitter – 500 million accounts. You can gain high PageRank if external links are built for it. So link to your twitter profile page.

Facebook Fanpage

  • PR10
  • Nofollow but pass trust and authority to your website
  • Facebook has 845 million accounts (that’s 12 percent of all people in the world!!!). Make some external links that points to your Fanpage and you will see that it will quickly show up in the search ranking.


  • PR8
  • Nofollow but pass trust and authority and traffic Help you to get traffic to your site.
  • Just submit a new page and you will see people clicking on your website in 10 Sec. (I love this one)


  • PR8
  • Nofollow but trust and authority and traffic
  • A little like StumbleUpon.

If you know anymore site which can be used as dofollow/Nofollow with a high PageRank please let me know and I will include them in the list.

And by the way – remember to check out this page too… More backlinks – easy, free and instant. Link Building the Smart Way.


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