Guest Posting – Why Its Good For SEO

GuestPostingGain more weight from the search engines. SEO has changed a lot in the past year due to the updates the big G has rolled out, but other links from blogs or websites that are relevant to yours still does gain a lot of weight from search engines and is still liked by them. Make sure you gain links from different C-class IP’s rather than all from the same server to mix it up a little bit.

Gets a lot more traffic from a range of sites. One of the major benefits of guest posting is to gain free flows of traffic from all of the websites you have managed to get your link on. If the readers like what you have wrote they will follow your link in the bio or article itself. Of course this will only happen if your content is engaging and very informative.

Obtain more followers via Social Media. Neally every website has a form of social media on it so readers can easily forward it onto friends and share out the information they are reading. The article you write for website’s will be shared out and passed on via social media platforms, only if your article is interesting of course!

Build a network of people. Lots of bloggers do not bother with this and see other bloggers within their niche as enemies and just competition. Experienced bloggers have a much different perspective and actually befriend those within their own niche, this can be for guest posting reasons and has been known to go even further for some and turn into very prospective business relationships.

Build subscribers. Use the power of guest posting to create masses of prospectors on your Email list and send them updates of products and services.

Don’t hide your social interests. Displaying social proof that you are trying to build a community as well as an informative website is a great thing as social media is becoming more and more common on the internet and people like to interact and talk to each other.

7 Allow readers to hear a different voice. Get rid of the mindset of guest posters stealing your traffic! sometimes it is great for your readers to hear another voice or a second opinion. I mean let’s face it, if the website is all the same person and the same voice it basically becomes a digital book!

Become an authority. You want to become very knowledgeable within your niche, become the place where people go for answers to their questions. Guest posting allows you to do this by sharing your knowledge on other’s websites and building your authority.

Gain relevant, free, unique content. Weather you are busy one weekend or would like to take a 2 week vacation, why not grab a few guest posts and schedule them for automatic posting? You will still capture your readers interests and be giving your blog fresh content.

Increase your income. As a publisher you can increase your income by offering affiliate products, adsense banners on your blog from Google or charge for guest posting (Last ones not very good). A lot of bloggers use this stream of income to pay for the hosting, domain name and running costs of the website.


Author: Jeremy owns a Birmingham SEO company and shares his interests in the SEO field online with others.


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