Great Ideas for Building Links to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website

Simply put, link building is the process of getting other websites to link to your website. The process is important because of multiple reasons; it not only drives referral traffic from those sites to your website but also increases your site’s domain authority.

The number and quality of backlinks are also important from the point of SEO, as, despite Google’s constantly evolving algorithm, backlinks remain a very important factor in driving rankings according to

Organic link building, which is the right way of building links is a time consuming and tedious process, especially when sites with established domain authority is concerned. Some practical tips on how to go about acquiring backlinks from quality websites:

Ensure That Your Site Has Great Contents

The first thing you need to make sure that your site is a very attractive destination for other sites so that they will want to link to you. You can start off by including content that is relevant, current, and offers value to your visitors. When users find your website informative and a great resource on the subject, they will tend to refer it to their friends by sharing it on social media or recommending it by word of mouth.

The best way of creating great content is to find out what already exists on the web and then try to do it better or in a different way. If you can find gaps in the knowledge base, it is even better because it represents an opportunity for you to meet user requirements. If you plug away at building good content, sooner or later, other sites are going to discover you and will want to link to you opening up the gateways of referral traffic.

Ensure That All the Links in Your Own Site Work Properly

Often getting good quality links requires you to reciprocate by offering links to those sites. There is nothing more annoying to the user of your website to get a 404 error displayed when he clicks on a link. It is therefore very important that all the links contained in your website either to your own pages or to external websites work properly.

Luckily, you do not have to test them out manually because there are a number of tools that you can use that do the job automatically and warn you when a broken link is discovered for you to set right.

Ensure That the Target Pages Can Be Indexed

The basic prerequisite of getting a search engine ranking is that the search engine should have been able to index your site. There is no point in spending a lot of time and effort in implementing a link building strategy when Google cannot even crawl through your site to discover and index the contents. When starting out to tweak your SEO and engage in link building exercises, do make sure that your website is enabled for the bots of the search engines to crawl through the pages and index them.

Claim All Your Social Media Channels and Link Them to Your Website

Since it can take a lot of time and effort to build links for a new website, you need to start the exercise as soon as possible. Make sure that you link all your blog posts as well as the different social media networks where you are present. Include social media sharing buttons for all the popular social media platforms so that visitors to your site find it very easy to share content that they find interesting on the own accounts to inform their followers and spread the word.

Set Up Alerts for Your Brand, Relevant Keywords, and Competitors in Google and Talkwalker

At the end of the day, SEO is a competitive activity and for your website to be featured in the top 10 listing by Google, you will simply have to perform better for the target keywords than the rest of your competition. It is therefore extremely necessary for you to stay on top always regarding what is happening in your industry.

By setting up the alerts, you will get emails that list the new mentions of your website, brand, competition, and other keywords that are important to you. If you find your website has been mentioned in some content posted by some website but no link has been included, you can reach out to the relevant webmaster and make a request for your website link to be included.

When you find that your competitors have been mentioned, you can investigate the circumstances and get ideas from Michigan SEO Expert that will help you to elevate the visibility of your own website. The alerts may even help you to find a really good resource that you can include in your own content to add to your authority and credibility.

Help a Reporter out As Much As Possible

Because of the nature of their industry, journalists are always looking out for authoritative sources for understanding the background of industry and if need be, even quote it to add authority to their reports. Reach out to journalists in the local and regional media that are covering your industry domain so that they know what you are offering and can use it to add value to their stories.

Sometimes, they will even add your website link that will be great for generating referrals from people with an active interest in the industry. When you are on good terms with reporters, they can even suggest good ideas for building content that the public may have a high level of interest.

Find Out Which Links the Competition Has Acquired and Reach Out To Them

If you find that your competition has managed to acquire a backlink from a really good website, you can investigate the context, and then reach out to the concerned webmaster drawing his attention to all the relevant and interesting stuff that you have on your own website that would add value to the visitors of that website.

However, it is really important for you to exercise diligence and only go after the links that have a lot of authority and not the tons of irrelevant links that all sites tend to attract.


It is really important to appreciate that building backlinks takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. As the owner of a new website, you should first try and build a website with content that visitors really find relevant and informative. Try and introduce your website in the social media via your blogs and other posts, engage in offline and online promotions, help journalists out and keep tabs on what the competition is doing so that you can stay ahead in the race for rankings.