Google Alerts for Link Building

googlealertsGoogle Alerts is maybe one of the easiest strategy to use for your link building. Google Alert tells you when somebody write about  your product or maybe your website.

It will give you opportunities for possible link acquistions though your email.  And we all know that Google will love backlinks if they are related to your subject – and Google will give your site higher rank.

So if somebody is mention your product on a website  – you will get an alert – then send a email to the website asking them to please link to your website (if they are not using a hyperlink).  Yes I know this sound very simple – and yes it is. But why make it difficult 🙂

You can set up a Google Alert for almost everything and get a mail when it triggers your alert.

The Google Alert will automatically notifies you when there are new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups matches your set of search terms. The notification can be sent to you by email, as a web feed or to be displayed on your iGoogle page.

You decide the frequency of checks for new results. You can choose between “once a day”, “once a week” or “as it happens”.


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