Good advice before you start doing Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a great way to get some traffic to your website and of course reach your goals for the website.

But before you start doing Google Adwords read this first. Good advices before starting doing Google Adwords. You will get a much higher result. But no more talk – ready for business?

1. Always to split-test of your ads. A lot of people forget this. When you split-test your ads you try different words – different headline, different 2nd line etc. Run them simultaneously. You will be surprised how even small changes make big changes in the response. I really love this split-test – you should too.

2. Turn your optimize ad serving of ! You can much faster see who the winner of the split-test is. But when you turn it off remember to check your campaign every day or every 2nd day. (I am so curious so I do that anyway – what about you?)

3. One of the most important things in Google Adwords is CTR = click though rate. If you improve your CTR you will get lower click prices and therefor more traffic. So you will have to work with the CTR rate. But remember in the end there is something even more important for you – your conversion rate.

4. Try to have your keyword in the display URL.So if you are selling used cars and your normal website is called Try to make your display URG Remember that Google Adwords will write the search word in bold.

5. If you have like 200 Adwords you can do 200 ads with one keyword for each. (Well you can – but you have a life outside of Google Adwords too – right?). So the answer is creating ad groups. But remember to make it tight ad groups based on a narrow set of related keywords. Don’t put too many keywords in one ad group.

6. Remember the headline must be a killer. You have to get the attention of your potential customers. The 2nd line much be a great advances for the customer. And the 3rd line much be why they should be buying from you.

7. Every week – or whenever you have enough statistic go though your keywords and take the bad performers off the list. By taking of the bad performers off the list the rest of the keywords will get a higher CTR. But again – remember to check if some of the bad CTR performers do good in conversion.

8. Don’t be too slow declaring a winner. If you are not sure if the best performing ad is the winner go to Here you can enter the numbers of clicks and the CTR for your 2 competing ads – and check out if you have a winner.

9. Don’t be too quick declaring a winner. Again check – check – check. Use the

10. Remember to use the negative keywords. If you are selling something take away all the people who are looking for FREE stuff. Make free a negative word. If you are selling something new – take away the searches that are looking for second-hand and so on. All this is to make your CTR higher.

And I have my best secret advice for last.

11. You can put in a code so that the headline will show exactly what the people are writing in the search bar. You will get much much higher CTR with this trick. Promised. At least try it out.

Well good luck with your Google Adwords… And remember to have fun and enjoy it.