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If you are doing Google Adwords you will know that its very important to improve you CTR. Google will reward you if your CTR is high. The reward will be for you to pay less for a click and there for give you a higher position. And we all know that a higher position will leads to more clicks. So yes you will probably pay the same, but will more clicks to your website.

Read my article Good Advice Before You Start Doing Google Adwords about how you improve your CTR. Delete the bad keywords, try new keywords and always split test your ads. This is pretty much standard today. And did you read about automated rules article.

But honnestly – how many of you have been working with time of day and days of week? Well I admit it… I haven’t done much until lately. But it really works and you gotta check it out.

Now google AdWords gives you the possibility to show your ads at particular times of the day or 24 hours a day. So you will have to check your CTR and your conversion rates. Maybe if your ads are showing at night – people are clicking on your ads. Or maybe they will never click on your ads and therefor your CTR will become low. But you can see that you almost never sell anything between 11 pm and 7 am. So in fact its a waste of money. And maybe your overall CTR will get down because your CTR in the evening and night is low. The CTR can varies a lot doing the day.



So you will have to determined which of the hours your ads produce the worst CTRs, and then you can choose not to show your ads at these times.

The result is that your overall CTR of your campaign will get higher – Google Adwords will reward you and give you a higher position for the same click price – and you will get more clicks. Pretty simple right?

This is what you will have to do
1) choose the campaign you wanna optimize
2) Select the dimension tab
3) Click the view submenu and selct hour of day

Now you can see what times of the day your ad group i sunder perforning. Now you have to exclude your ads from showing when your CTR is low. Now go to advance settings – ad scheduling. And now your a done.




Best of luck to you all. Remember to add me to your Google+ circle if you liked this articel (also if you didn’t liked it lol).




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