Get Free Advertising on Google


Did you know that you can get a FREE advertising on Google. Yes you can. But many small business owners and shop owners are not aware of the possibilities. Get traffic, leads and customers in your shop NOW and FREE.

Google has been trying to increase their value of their local searches and their mapping application. Thats why they have made a very simple way for you – if you have a local shop – to tell them about your information about your business. And the really cool thing for you is – that they are putting some of this information into their main search engine. So what is this all about then? In short – you get free advertizing on Google – yes yes yes yes. This can help you to get more traffic, get leads and customers in your shop… so go and sign up for it NOW.

According to Google 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when they’re looking for you with Google Places for business – a free local platform from Google. So let me tell you a little about how it works and why you should use it TODAY. Don’t miss out the business opportunities. So you have a little shop on Manhatten selling coffee.

Go to and write “coffee manhatten new york” in the searchbar. You will see this…

















Amazing right?  The customers can you see where your shop is placed. They can see a short text about your shop.

If you click on the shop to the left. You will see a popup with the shop on the map.
















But the customers don’t have to go to Google Maps to check out the local business or shops. The results are included in the general search results.

Let me show you the generel result for the search “Coffee Manhattan New York” in

















So you see your local searches are very very visible for the customers even in the general searches.


Claim you listing NOW

If you have been in business for awhile or if you have had different shops, you might be listing in more then one list. Multiple adress and different phone numbers can lower your rank in the local listing. So sign into your Google account and claim the listing. You will need to require verification  by phone and you can fix wrong information.

And remember to add all your great text that will make your listing stand out 🙂



After your have claimed your local listing – you will have to make sure that it will show for the keywords that make sense for your shop. So select the appropriated categories or make your own. This is a huge part of SEO for your local listing.

You will have to pick one category that is provided by Google. But you are in control of the rest. So if you are selling coffee on Manhattan. Make a categories like “coffee for sale” or “Irish coffee”


Use of keywords

When you are writing the business description – it should contain your keywords as well as your marketing text. Make your description unique and use your keywords in a natural way.


PS PS… I was just told that in order to effectively optimize for local buisness – you have to add your place/lacation along with your keywords in the description as well as in the categories..  well I still learn too 🙂

So if your shop or local shop is not on Google local listing – you gotta do that now. Get the traffic going, the leads and the customers to your shop. Today. Good luck.