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Now you have a chance to win a personal FREE report for your website.

I want to help you guys in your work for a top ranking.

I will make 3 reports for you guys – the report will tell you exactly what you have to do to get into the top ranking on your search engine for your keyword or phrase. You can check out the report here. Each report will be around 50 pages (PDF).

So 3 of you will get lucky – and of course I hope a lot of you will be interested. I am a little excited about this too.

You need to be a member of the email club here at If you are not a member you can do it here. I will only do the report for members – but it’s free for you to sign up of course.

Here is how it works…
1. Go to this page and
2. Write a comment below on that page – remember to write for which search engine you want a top ranking, your keyword or keyword phrase, and your website name. (It could be “wood floors” for the search engine “” for the website “”.) But it could also be for (its the Danish version of Google)
3. I need you comment before Monday the 24. June.

Then what…
1. I will randomly pick 3 of you from the comments – and make 3 reports.
2. On Wednesday 27. June I will send out a mail with a link for the reports to the members of the email club so you can all see and download the reports – so you have to be a member to see your report – if you are one of the 3 lucky ones.
3. Done…

That’s it… Very easy right?

I look forward to hear from you all…


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